The Pitch Doctor!


"I know I'm singing flat, but I don't know how to fix it!"

"My family members cry when I try singing. I can't hear when I'm off!"

You know how doctors say they've seen it all? I've heard it all. I promise you I won't cringe when I hear your voice. Your voice is unique and something we should honor!

I don't want you to feel self conscious or ashamed if you struggle with matching pitch.  Not every teacher has the patience that I have.  I have some tried and true methods to help you sing in tune. 

Some students do indeed require more TLC when it comes to developing an ear and mastering the basic skill of matching pitch, and that's okay. I am your gal!

I want you to feel confident about your musicianship. Let go of what other people may have told ya- you CAN do this!
Through the use of simple and  goofy exercises, I can put you at ease and get you singing in tune before you know it.

Wanna see for yourself? Schedule a lesson !