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What the students have to say....
“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve helped me with! I’m taking it with me to Idol!”- Devin Velez, American Idol Top Finalist

“As an older beginner, I really appreciate the way Molly does her best to put you at ease and make learning fun. My bandmates could tell I was taking lessons when I busted out ‘Strangers in the Night’ during sound check after only my second lesson. " - Dean 

"  Molly is a miracle worker pure and simple. She transformed my scariest situation into a most enjoyable experience. Being brand new to the musical theater world I was terrified to find out that I had to sing at an audition for which I simply wanted a dance part/role. I feel so lucky to have found Molly online and to learn that she worked with all age ranges — including mine, “older” beginner. I immediately scheduled a session with her. Molly put me at ease in the first few minutes, she found the perfect song for me, and was full of helpful tips, advice and relevant context. After a couple more session I was ready for my first ever singing audition. Fast forward a couple of days: I was offered an Ensemble part and a small feature role! I will definitely be returning to her for lessons. THANK YOU Molly!"- Gina

“ I tried a Skype lesson with Molly because I don't have access to easy transportation. My experience has been that the medium is unimportant, whether the lesson is in person or on Skype; it's the person on the other end that matters. And in the weeks I've taken lessons with her, Molly has never (really, not once!) been critical of how I sounded. She's never judged my ability or said anything to make me feel self-conscious about my voice. She's been very open to any song choices I might make, even the ones I think might be cheesy or slightly embarrassed about.  It's clear in her lessons that all she really wants to do is to help you sing and make it enjoyable so you have fun with the process as well.” - Christine

“ I’ve been working with Molly on a weekly basis for several months now, and my experience with her is outstanding.  I recommend her highly to anyone, novice or experienced, who is serious about improving his or her voice. About six months ago I decided to overcome a longstanding inhibition and learn to sing.   I played guitar fairly well but was self-conscious about my voice.  I began with Internet research and YouTube videos, and went on to work with highly recommended vocal coaches in the Bay Area.  Although I was complimented on my progress, I went home from lessons feeling confused; was I really getting better?  What, exactly, had I learned from that lesson?  I found Molly Rosen through the Internet and practiced an exercise she demonstrated on a YouTube video.  The exercise was super, and I scheduled a lesson with Molly.  Her teaching style is  supportive and honest.  Her lessons are varied and challenging; scales and exercises develop range, vocal quality, and safe singing technique.  Her musical training and knowledge is extensive, whether one seeks classical, swing, or popular songs.   I’m writing this review because each lesson makes me a happier person and better musician, and because with her help I will be singing, and getting better and better, for years to come.  Thank you Molly!”- Carol 

"After many months of searching for a vocal teacher, and wading though all the posers and charlatans, I have been so thrilled to finally find Molly Rosen. Not only is she wonderful and encouraging, but she is also the best trained instructor out there. I know that studying under her, I can go as far as my own talent and work ethic will take me and every time we meet, that seems to be farther and farther. I look forward to every lesson with her".- Nasrin 

I came to Molly because I had never really sung before, and had wanted to pick it up after playing different instruments. I was pretty self conscious about the whole idea of singing, and didnt really have that much faith in it. I really didn’t know what to expect from singing lessons at all, but Molly really broke things down for me and made the experience positive. She wasn't judgmental or pushy in any way at all. She listened to my ideas of what I wanted to sing, and some of the artists I got inspiration from. Not only that, but she's really awesome because she likes so many different genres of music! I would think that most vocal teachers prefer more classical types of music, but Molly could totally relate to rock n roll, alternative, etc. After my first lesson with Molly I felt 100% more confident about training my voice, and everything I was looking for in voice lessons I found. Thats why I keep taking lessons from her. She set me up with many different exercises to practice by myself, and she does a really good job of breaking things down so that a person with no singing experience can understand everything. Overall, I would recommend anyone, regardless of age or music preference to go to Molly for vocal lessons.
Also, she does Skype lessons which is a HUGE help for me considering I live a little far from her. (I didn’t know what to expect with that either, but you'll be surprised how well it works)”- Will

“I've been taking singing lessons with Molly since January and already I can tell a difference in my vocal ability. She makes learning how to sing properly so easy to understand and so much fun while doing it. I'm a little shy to sing in front of people and I need a confidence boost but Molly is so easy to feel comfortable with and I find myself becoming more outgoing and willing to try new things with my voice. Although I've been singing since I was young, with Molly's help I am just now learning how much easier those high notes can be. Plus her prices are super reasonable, she's the best and I'm so glad I have her encouraging me every step of my singing journey.”- Sarahann

“ My daughter and niece, ages 5 and 10, have thoroughly enjoyed their voice lessons with Molly ... her teaching style allows for the children to have fun and relax while laying a musical foundation. The private lessons really give a  confidence boost to my very shy daughter."  -Kelly

“Molly is not only a knowledgeable and highly professional singing coach, she makes learning fun! Singing is a joy with Molly guiding you through the techniques and "tricks" of the trade. She recently did a group lesson via Skype with my friends and I and it was a blast. My New Years resolution: more lessons with Molly!”- Patti

“I have Molly to thank for getting me out of my fear of singing. At first, I was so nervous that I couldn't even sing along to the radio with my friends! I met her through a class with Boldly Me, and then ended up taking lessons with her to prepare for my first big audition with StarStruck (I know right? I love performing but I get shy about singing). Though I didn't get in, she had given me that boost of confidence and the arsenal of skills/tricks that I needed to keep trying. I worked with her again to audition for Stage1's "Seussical"- and got in as the "lead Wickersham"!! Molly has helped me with so much; she teaches you beyond what you could expect of yourself and guides you to your fullest potential.. all while keeping it fun and comfortable!! Molly doesn't just help you learn how to sing, she helps you learn to love to sing.”- Bella

“ I brought my five-year-old son to Molly ten months ago to help prepare him for a choir class. My son wasn't overly enthused at first. With a lot of patience and understanding on Molly’s part, he’s come around to looking forward to their sessions together. He’s now six and can match pitch and learn multi-verse songs. He sings along to his favorite songs in the car although he complains, “Daddy, I don’t want to sing, I just can’t help myself.” That spontaneous urge to break out in song was just what I had hoped for my son. Thank you, Molly!”- Spencer

“ Molly is a wonderful teacher. She is very encouraging, active and creative.  I have been studying in Molly's studio for a year now. I feel that I made a  huge progress from point zero thankful to her patience and great positive attitude. Molly makes our lessons very engaging and fun learning experience. I felt at home from the very first lessons. And I consider myself a shy person! She always invents new interesting and challenging warm ups that help me strengthen and extend the range. She has a strong solid technique. Molly is also very attentive and if I don't understand the point right away, she will take time to explain it for me plain and simple. I had big doubts on wether I should take voice lessons in opera and classical genres being 22 years old, but Molly made me feel more and more confident each lesson. I am now sure that the decision to have classes with Molly was perfectly right for me! Thank you for introducing me to the marvelous world of classical singing and inspiration through every step!”- Darina  

"Singing is like a celebration of oxygen."