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Online Voice Lessons and Courses

That keep kids, teens, and adults entertained, motivated and improving. 
 Land a better part
 Get a solo
 Grow as a singer
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Beginner Voice
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Online Singing Lessons And Courses That Are Fun & Help Your Child Or Teen Grow

Is you or your child or teen….

   Tired of getting passed over for roles?
   Bored with other voice lessons?
   Lacking confidence in their voice?
   To shy to perform?
   Discouraged from working with teachers that were too critical?

If you’re unwilling to pay for more online voice lessons that don’t help your child or teen improve, grow in confidence, and land a solo or role….you’ve come to the right place! (Yes, I DEFINITELY teach adult singers, too!)

I’m different from other voice teachers. Very different!

There’s A MUCH Better Way To Do Online Voice Lessons

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Through my personalized, energetic, and encouraging approach, your child will reach his or her goals – whether that’s to land a role, unlock their vocal gift, or just sing for fun!

And! I’ve mastered the online singing lesson over 8 years (loooong before anyone COVID-19 forced everyone to try video). So, I know how to make a Zoom voice lesson creative. I’ll keep your child engaged, and push him or her to improve with their singing and acting skills – in the most encouraging way.

If you've never tried singing before, you're in good hands! Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve helped me with! I’m taking it with me to Idol!”

– Devin Velez, American Idol Top Finalist

Singing And Acting Lessons – Any Way You Want ‘Em!

Whether you want individual voice lessons, or sibling, family or other group lessons, I can deliver fun online singing lessons for beginners through advanced… and everyone in between! If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I’ll even do in-person lessons! Just note your preference when you book! I'm thrilled to work with you either way! I am also super excited to offer an online school, where you can access my videos and attend a monthly group session! No matter what your learning preference- I have something for you to help you get confident with your voice and performing abilities. 
At Vocal Molly, I cater to YOU

Check out this page to see all of the many ways I can do a lesson. And sign up for my online vocal courses,too! Always adding more content!

Go ahead. Go there now and see if you spot the type of lesson-taker you are!

“ I brought my five-year-old son to Molly ten months ago to help prepare him for a choir class. My son wasn’t overly enthused at first. With a lot of patience and understanding on Molly’s part, he’s come around to looking forward to their sessions together. He’s now six and can match pitch and learn multi-verse songs. Thank you, Molly!” –

Ready To Experience A Seriously Amazing Online Voice Lesson?

It’s really simple to schedule a lesson and get started. Just follow these steps!

1. Book A Lesson
Click here to email or text, or use my easy online lesson scheduler to get started.
2. Your Child Will Have Fun While Exploring Their Vocal Capabilities
No matter where your child is starting from, I’ll take him or her to the next level their voice is capable of – and maybe even to places they’ve never dreamed!
3. Watch Your Child Shine!
Be confident that your child will land a solo, musical theater role or choir position – or enjoy a newfound confidence and joy in singing.
Thank you!
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