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I help any type of singer go from good  – to great – to AMAZING!
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Hi, I’m Molly McLinden

Below, you’ll find all the technical details about my background. Cause who wants to work with a vocal coach who’s fakin’ it?

That’s not me. I’ve got the background , and I’ll teach you what you need to know.  
I can convince the most jaded of musical theatre performers that I’ll take them from missing out on roles to being cast-able. Every. Time.

So let’s dive in!

Tired Of Super Boring Online Voice Lessons That Don’t Help You Improve? I Get It!

  Wants a teacher/voice coach who isn’t, well, too teacher-y. But you still want to learn all the stuff and grow as a singer!
 Doesn't want a teacher who will overanalyze or tell you that you can't sing.
 Doesn't want to be bored to tears or have big scientific words thrown at you.
 Isn't interested in any woo-woo, talk about chakras or your "authentic self". Or be forced to sing to crystals or nonsense like that.
 Is looking for good instruction from someone who really listens to and sees YOU and knows what YOU need to get better!
If I sound like a good fit for you, schedule your first online singing  lesson! You’ve waited long enough! New students save on first lesson! Yes, online Zoom lessons DO work! See for yourself!

My Very Own Testimonial…

“Get this! My high school choir teacher told me I couldn’t sing, and had no talent. He also wrote that on my college recommendation. Nice, huh? (He also didn’t believe in teaching us basic music theory, and instead, had us cheat on a statewide test he had to send in… by giving us the answers. oh, and he also didn’t know what an opera aria was. Other than that, he was lovely.) But still, I persisted. Now, I’m a proud graduate of Millikin University, the Juilliard of the Midwest.

  – Molly McLinden, aka VocalMolly

Vocal Mumbo Jumbo

Whether you’re interested in voice, musicianship, piano, acting or speaking voice, keep scrolling to see the tools and methods I use in my online lessons.

The Nitty Gritty: My Background

If you’ve read this far, Bravo! You’re my kind of person!

Here’s a bit more you may want to know about me. Because, hey – if you decide you want to work together, we’re going to spend a lot of time together. Why not learn to love me before the first lesson?

  I wanted to be the next Susanna Hoffs (I know, who didn't?), or at least Mrs. David Lee Roth. Neither happened (yet!), but I knew that music was IT for me.
 I would have married Elvis…but he was already dead.
 I was a happy theatre and music nerd in school, like many of you, where I sang musical theatre and opera.
 In college, I went Full-On-Geek as I learned all about how the voice worked. Wow, is it fascinating!
 At Millikin, I shared a stage with Broadway diva and one of the best Christines in “Phantom” ever  Sierra Boggess. How cool is that?!
 After graduating with a vocal performance degree, I put all my learning into practice, figuring out what my voice could do with rock vocals, belting, opera, you name it. I have trained with some of the best in many styles, from opera to rock! 
 I even spent time singing with Chicago’s Lira Ensemble (let me just say, it is NOT easy to sing in Polish, especially as a Scottish gal).
All of this experience has led me to be your ideal voice teacher and biggest cheerleader. Besides your mom.

It’s my mission to help you enjoy the voice you’ve got NOW and use it to the fullest, no matter what! SO! Whether you seek private lessons or prefer learning solo in my prerecorded online courses, I have something for you! Singing lessons, speaking voice lessons, acting lessons, even basic music theory . Let's get you to where you want to be! 

When I am not teaching, I am enjoying the freewheeling spinster aunt life: rocking out to 60s-80s tunes , hoarding and reading all sorts of books,  or dreaming of my next travel adventure! 

I can’t WAIT to get to know YOU!

Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.


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