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Frequently Asked Questions!

Have questions about my singing lessons or other offerings? Here are some FAQs that may help you!

If you DON'T see an answer to your specific question, definitely reach out to me!
Will singing lessons really  help me improve?
YES! I will make zero guarantees that you'll turn into Freddie Mercury, but I CAN tell you this: you'll feel better about your singing ability in your first lesson with me!

What's better: online voice lessons, or in person lessons?

Neither is "better". It's a matter of what works for YOU. If you're far away from me or prefer the comfort of your own home, online lessons are for you. Prefer learning in "real time" ...and do you like cats? Come see me here in Schaumburg for your voice lessons! You can also mix it up between in person lessons and Zoom voice lessons , if that is what you'd like. Either way, I am happy to have you singing with me!

Do you offer free trial lessons?
No, at this time I do not. However! When you book use code NEWSTUDENT24 to save $10 off your first lesson with me!

What lesson length should I try?
That's all up to you. There is no right or wrong, and you can change it up any time you want. However it's suggested kids 12 and under do 30 min lessons . 

Do you work with kids? 
100% yes. I love to work with kids! Even very young ones!

Do you work with seniors?
YES. I work with ALL ages. It's never too late to learn, in case you're worried. 

Do you work with complete beginners? I've never done this before!
You bet I do. I am often the first person many of you have ever sung a note in front of. You're in good hands, please don't hesitate!

Do you teach (insert musical genre here)...?
You name it, I've taught it. From opera to hard rock to jazz to world music....seriously. All of it.

How often should I take voice lessons?
That depends on how quickly you want to improve. If you practice in between lessons, I suggest a minimum of two lessons a month. 
Weekly if you are very serious!

How much are your voice lessons?
That depends on what kind you'd like. Please check out my scheduling page for the breakdown.

Where are you located?
I'm in Schaumburg, Illinois, a Northwest suburb of Chicago.  I am only a few minutes from Schaumburg High School, for reference. I will give you my address once you have booked your lesson.

What can I expect at my first lesson?

You and I will discuss your goals, and I'll vocalize you to see where you're at! If you would like to start working on a song right away, we can....but that part is optional!

What is your cancellation policy?

Minimum 24 hours, or there is a charge (with certain exceptions!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. I often run deals on lesson packages and occasional special codes for one time lessons.Be sure to sign up for my newsletter!  I also offer discounted lessons for military.

Can you tell me more about your lesson packages?
Lesson packages are for five lessons, any length. You will receive a code that must be redeemed within 90 days. You can schedule these any time that works for you! 

Do you work with individuals with special needs?

I sure do, I have experience in this!

If I am a parent, can I drop my student off?

Yes. You are encouraged to sit in on the first lesson, but after that feel free to leave and come back.

If I take in person piano lessons with you, what books do you use?

I mostly use Pianto Pronto books , they are FANTASTIC. 

What opportunities are there for your local singers?
I enter interested and available students in the Chicago NATS competition held every year at Harper College in Palatine, and any other similar competitions.If there is enough interest, I do my best to coordinate studio recitals. I encourage local students to audition for as many local theatre companies as possible.

My school/church/community center/professional group is interested in having someone come in for a workshop, is this something you do?
YES! I LOVE doing this sort of thing!

What vocal methods do you use when you teach singing ?
Primarily bel canto (for all genres), as well as CoreSinging.  I also studied Estill and continue to do so...as well as many others! I like for my singers to be well rounded. 

How can I measure my progress with singing lessons? 
It's highly recommended that you record your lessons.  I can do this for you if you take a Zoom lesson with me.

Are you a vocal coach or a voice teacher?
I consider myself to be both...many of us are! This means I teach style and performance (coach) as well as vocal technique (teacher) 

Can you help me with music theory?

You bet I can. 

Can you help me find a great monologue for my theater audition?
Yup, I do that as well...I have a huge library of monologues for actors of all ages.

I need more time with you because I have a big audition or gig coming up, help!
I offer an Audition Intensive (1.5 hours) OR you are free to book as many lessons as you'd like before your event!

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