Jul 31

Why AI Can NEVER Teach You to Sing!

Things are sure moving very quickly in the world of AI.

AI is a threat looming over us, possibly making many jobs held by human beings obsolete. Why, even a task like BLOGGING can be generated by AI now (I assure you, this is not the case here!)

What does this all mean as far as music, particularly vocal instruction?

It SHOULD mean....nothing. Why?

AI can teach you certain things, let's say pitch. It can be scientifically proven if someone is singing in tune , or sharp or flat. There are lots of different apps and software programs that have been doing this a while now. AI can explain lots of things to you. For all I know, AI can run you through vocal exercises galore, and like I said...stop you and tell you if you're out of tune.

There is something SO key that can only be taught by a human, though, and that is FEELING.

A skilled vocal coach is someone who gets to know you well, and can help you connect with the text in your songs.
A human vocal instructor knows your history, and knows YOU well enough to know when you may be tired, sad, motivated....whatever...! And can plan the lesson accordingly.

Only a human can help another human get to the heart of the matter in every piece you do. And who doesn't love the personal connection of someone else who is invested in your personal growth and success? AI will never care about you. It's all so impersonal and isolating.

Speaking for myself, I love adding humor to my teaching style (ever see my video about adding some "Urkel" to your twang?). I know my approach is not for everyone, but see? When there is a plethora of excellent real live humans out there with a variety of personalities and teaching styles- you can EASILY find one that is just perfect for you. 

So..why go the AI route? 

Your best, most authentic singing comes from the heart. And no matter what AI will ultimately end up being able to do (have I mentioned how scary all this is?), when it comes down to it, AI can't hold a candle to we human teachers.

And, hey! If you happen to be looking for one...I'm here! Book a lesson today and let's get you singing. My (very human) eyes and ears can guide you and get you to where you want to be. 

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