11 Signs That You're Going to NAIL Your Audition

Auditions are a fact of life for a serious singer. After all, they are the job interview for a performer! Although they can seem daunting, there are plenty of things you can do to feel confident about each audition you prepare for. Here are 11 signs that you’re going to rock your vocal audition!
1) You are rested. True, it may be harder in this day and age to get the suggested eight hours of sleep every night, but the more quality sleep you have the night before- the better! A relaxed body means better sounds, as there will be a lot less tension.
2) Your materials are together. This means your sheet music is in the right key and clearly marked for the accompanist . The pages are also back to back and neatly organized in a binder. If using sound files, they are easily accessible and cued up at the correct time.  
3) You know your lyrics backwards and forwards! Confidence is key, and knowing that you REALLY have your songs down pat will help you soar through the audition! 
4) You’ve done a good warmup. This means at least fifteen to twenty minutes or so of light vocal exercises. It’s best not to do too much more than that as you risk tiring yourself out. Think basic lip trills, hums and sirens: you can never go wrong with those! It never needs to be anything fancy.
5) You are dressed appropriately. This means you look the part (professional!), but you are also not restricted in any way from clothing or shoes that are too tight , which can effect your breathing and overall comfort level. Remember- a comfortable body means free tone! 
6) You’ve picked songs that are right for your voice type. The tessitura of each song fits you like a glove . These songs are so worked into your voice that someone could wake you up at 3:00 a.m. to have you sing them— and you’d still sound good! That’s when you know you have the perfect audition songs for your voice. 
7) The “coast is clear”- meaning your throat and sinuses! You’re free of congestion and excess phlegm. This means your cords will come together nicely to make beautiful sounds. Problems congestion? Please don’t panic. Just do more lip trills and sirens.
8) You’re hydrated. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a dry throat when you have to sing! Just make sure you didn’t OVER hydrate, because that can dry out your vocal folds, too. 
9) You know what you’re singing about. THIS is a biggie. Singing the right notes, rhythms, words, etc. is essential- but what good is all of that if you aren’t connecting dramatically? Those that choose to be compelling over PERFECT are almost always those that get hired!
10) You realize the audition starts before you begin singing. This means being kind and respectful to any audition monitors, stage managers, and definitely your accompanist, should you be working with one! You never know who has the final say in whether or not you get hired/cast. Smile, friendly, and be PROMPT! Being a diva will get you nowhere.
And lastly….
11) You are prepared to have FUN. Yes, I said it. Auditions can indeed be fun. You are going to rock any vocal audition you do if you treat it like an intimate performance ,rather than something you HAVE to do. 

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