Singing With Autism

Once in a while, I’ll get a call or an email from a prospective student’s parent, and he or she will mention that their child just loves to sing- but am I willing to work with them? They’ve got autism, and they fear that this may be a challenge.
My response: absolutely, YES! Please do bring them to me to try a lesson out . I’ve worked with children diagnosed with autism. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve found them to be some of the easiest children to work with?
Those who know the basics may have heard that those who are autistic do very well when presented with structure. Well, it’s true! 
How delightful is it to have a student walk into a lesson telling me: “ I’d like to do these exercises, then I’d like to do this song, and sing it through 3 times, then end with ….”
If only they all had a game plan! I can’t tell you how many times I’d get a blank stare when I ask your typical young student something as simple as: “ What sort of music do you like to sing?”. 
I’ve found that the student with autism is up for challenges that many have difficulty handling- such as memorizing lyrics and more complex melodies. I’ll never forget one very young rocker who NAILED Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”! .  
Another young student diagnosed with Asperger’s requests that we include tongue twisters in his vocal warmups- and I must say he can put several of my adult students to shame with his expertise as well as the effort he puts forth! 
Although music history may bore many young musicians- it’s not always the case with my autistic singers. Sometimes they are the ones schooling ME! Their love of facts and their ability to soak up information so easily has made teaching them a delight.

Bottom line? Singing is for everyone, no matter how your mind or body works!!!

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