Apr 29 / Molly McLinden

21 Great Karaoke Songs for Guys Who Can't Sing!

I personally believe ANYONE can sing (that's even the name of a vocal workshop that I give!). HOWEVER, there are LOTS and I mean lots of you out there that say "I can't sing. I'm terrible!"

I wish you wouldn't feel that way,  but listen, I get it!

You know I am here to help should you want the help....but you've probably been poking around my website and have figured out by now I work with anyone who has the desire to learn more about how their voice works.


You're here because you think you can't sing, and you need a karaoke song that doesn't have major demands. In other words, a karaoke song for a guy that "can't sing".

Fret not, I have many to share with you. A wide variety, in fact!  Here you go: 21 Great Karaoke Songs for Guys who CAN'T SING!

1) Convoy- C.W. McCall:  anyone for some 1970s cheese? Breaker...breaker...I think we have a karaoke song for a guy who can't sing...!

2) How Bizarre- OMC:  a one hit wonder from the 90s that always makes me giggle, for some reason. He's not really singing here. So, you're good.

3) King of the Road- Roger Miller: the range is very limited here. And let's face it, it's all about the attitude and how you sell it.
But isn't it ALWAYS, when it comes to karaoke???

4) Fly- Sugar Ray: The lead singer isn't much of a singer. Didn't stop it from becoming a huge hit. So again, you're good.

5) Walking on the Sun- Smashmouth:  another song with a super limited range, lots of talkiness . Just what you need if you don't have confidence in your vocal prowess!

6) Chantilly Lace- The Big Bopper: this is a classic rockabilly song that's just out for fun. No one will care if you don't have an amazing voice if you look like you're having a blast with this one.."Hellooooo, baaaaaaby!"

7) I Walk the Line- Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash was an icon. He was not a super strong singer. It was all about authenticity,

8) Mack the Knife- Bobby Darrin: Again, it's all about the attitude here. Commit, and you'll have the audience in the palm of your hand.

9) Burnin' Love- Elvis Presley:  this is a timeless, up-tempo song that people love to hear. Even if it's not at the level of The King.

10) Cheeseburger in Paradise-Jimmy Buffet: yup, another beloved icon who made a career with limited vocal abilities.

11) Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones: one of the biggest rock songs of all time, by one of rock's biggest groups. Their frontman can't sing.  Didn't stop him. I mean...he's still going strong.

12) Shake it Up- The Cars: Ric Ocasek made quite the career from "sprech-stimme", a fancy way of saying "talk-singing".
But hey, all their songs are GREAT!

13) Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard: with  big rock anthems, a LOT of the time you don't need major pipes to make it a crowd pleaser. Sometimes you do (with Queen and Led Zeppelin you sure do!) , but a lot of the time- you don't!

14) You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer : rap is an obvious choice if your singing voice is not so strong. But if you're gonna tackle this one, you better be all in!

15) Somebody's Watching Me- Rockwell:  you only have to really SING the chorus , which was sung by Michael Jackson. That's why this became a hit. Not 'cause of Rockwell.

16) Dead Man's Party- Oingo Boingo: it's pretty talk-y through most of it. And if you miss the few big notes in the chorus, no one will care. Really. Why? This song is just so fun.

17) Let's Dance- David Bowie: one of the legend's simpler songs, for sure. Doesn't make it any less of a song.

18) Just a Friend- Biz Markie: this song is a little bit of everything. Hip-hop, pop, and comedy. Strong vocals are not required, but strong personality is a MUST!

19) Monster Mash-Bobby Pickett: another talk-y novelty song everyone knows and loves. You can sing this year 'round, of course...but during Halloween season, it's perfect!

20) Are You Jimmy Ray?- this song is horrible, but enjoyably so. This 90s one-hit wonder (I seem to be well-versed in those!) doesn't require talent. But some faux-rockabilly style.

21) Party all the Time- Eddie Murphy: as a singer, Eddie Murphy is an excellent comedian. But he was buddies with Rick James, so that's why this song happened . And I'm sure glad it did!

So, whaddya think?

Karaoke should always be about FUN first.

However! If you're still not feeling so confident, even after picking out the perfect song, schedule a lesson with me!

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