Jun 17 / Molly McLinden

7 Tips for Bad Singers on Karaoke Night!

Ok, so you call yourself a "bad" singer. Maybe you totally own it and even laugh when you describe yourself as such!

But! One thing you DO know: you love singing, even if you aren't so sure about your vocal abilities.

Well, anyone who knows me know I think there should be NO gatekeeping in singing- if you're feelin' it, sing it! Singing is good for the soul, and we don't need a certain level of talent to be "allowed" to sing.  

Karaoke was one of the best things to happen as far as making singing and performing more accessible to all.  Problem is? Many people still feel self-conscious on karaoke night, and want to do a good job.

This blog post will hopefully reassure you that yes, you can rock karaoke even if you don't think you have the best voice.  It's my goal to make as many singers as possible have fun and appreciate their voice, no matter what it sounds like or what stage of life they're in.

Here are seven tips for "bad" singers on karaoke night!

1) Choose a simple song . Yeah, a no brainer, I know. But let me explain to you what a "simple" song may be! Choose something with a smaller vocal range (no crazy high or low notes that are out of your reach), and something with a  moderate to quicker tempo is ideal. 

Something on the shorter side is also smart. For this reason, novice singers may want to take a look at some golden oldies! A song that comes to mind is "New York, New York", or "King of the Road"  to give you an ideal of simple.

2) Connect with your audience .  LOOK at the people you are singing to.  Right away, that shows you are confident and present, and that gets them on your side immediately!

3) Own your mistakes.
Hey, they're gonna happen. Might as well laugh them off!  Big names from Elvis to Shania have done that and doesn't make them any less incredible. It just makes their fans love 'em more, 'cause they're REAL!

4) Emote! If the song is silly, ham it up. If the song is sassy, you know what to do. If it's serious, pour your heart and soul into it. Nothing like authenticity to make up for a lack of a great voice. I mean, plenty of famous musicians have had major careers without traditionally beautiful voices, right? But they knew how to SELL a song. Broadway types- look up Elaine Stritch for a performer that knew how to hold the audience captive!

5) Be comfortable with your body. Nothing is more awkward than a singer that stands there stiffly.  Not only does it look bad, but it doesn't make YOU feel too great, either! Make sure there is give in your knees and that your feet are shoulder width apart, toes pointed straight ahead . You'll feel a lot more ready to go, and read as more confident to your audience. 

6) Remember to breathe! ...But don't overdo it! Nerves can get in the way of a reliable breath for singing, but remember the audience wants you to do well- you have nothing to fear!
Breathing for singing doesn't have to be complicated. Just keep your breath low on the body and DON'T hold it. Just let your belly rise and fall naturally, and ideally you should inhale through your nose.  A reliable breath is the foundation, but a reliable breath is super super simple. Don't think about it too much or your body will tense up!

and lastly....

7) Enjoy every second of it.  This is your moment. It won't be perfect, and that's okay. There may be other singers that night who are a lot stronger than you, and that's okay, too.  

The audience can sense who is "all in" and who is just up there making sounds. Be "all in"! Have a blast! Karaoke is not something anyone *has* to do..it's something people WANT to do, so WANT to do it and make it count. Don't worry about what you think you don't have......give us what you DO have!

I wish you the best of luck on karaoke night, and hope you want to go back again and again!

Aaaand....should you want additional pointers from a pro who has trained countless singers from all levels and all walks of life, schedule something with me here

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