Mar 19 / Molly McLinden

13 Golden Age Broadway Songs for Baritones

It can be tough to find solid baritone musical theater songs .
It really seems like it's a tenor's world ! Especially with more current shows. The demands are huge, since many roles are written soooo high for the guys.  Not everyone can sing "Jersey Boys" or "Aladdin"! 

Wellllll. Once upon a time, in Broadway's "Golden Age", the baritone was NOT ignored!

While it's true that many of these songs are originally written for the legit (non pop-y, more head voice ) voice, PLEASE don't feel you have to match what you hear from the original cast recordings. You should always be giving it your own style. 

Without further ado, here is a list of 13 incredible songs for baritone voices from Broadways' "Golden Age"! I've includes songs that work for young men, as well as more mature actors.

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?- Cinderella 

This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is "in" again! A classic, it includes a role for a YOUNG baritone. Whodathunk? This ballad is gorgeous!

Marian the Librarian- The Music Man
This clever and tuneful mid-tempo song is a great acting showpiece for a very confident and charismatic baritone.
If you want a challenge, you can always go for "Ya Got Trouble", a patter piece if there ever was one..but that's for another blog post!

C'est Moi- Camelot
I love this comic number! It's over the top and great for a bold baritone with serious pipes (Robert Goulet originated the role. 'Nuff said!)

The Impossible Dream- Man of La Mancha

This was one of the most popular audition songs for men once upon a time. Don't worry, that's no longer the case!

Luck Be a Lady- Guys and Dolls

This swingin' number exudes cool . Timeless cool!

They Were You- The Fantasticks
A sweet and simple ballad, also for a young (teens through twenties) baritone.

Some Enchanted Evening- South Pacific

Iconic! This is best for a very strong, mature, LEGIT voiced baritone.  If you are a baritone that studied classical voice and want a good crossover piece, this one's for you.

If I Were a Rich Man- Fiddler on the Roof
This one is for a mature CHARACTER actor who knows how to sell a song!

I'm a Bad, Bad Man- Annie Get Your Gun
This is for a leading man with a big, bold, booming voice and tons of stage presence! Irving Berlin sure wrote an amazing and timeless show.

Wand'rin Star- Paint Your Wagon
Paint Your Wagon has a lot of great solos in it. It is not often produced, which is a shame!

Try Me- She Loves Me
Charming song from a very sweet musical! Sometimes, you just need a simple vocal piece that shows off personality more than anything.

Real Live Girl- Little Me

Up-tempo and comic piece, perfect for a younger character actor.

Edelweiss- The Sound of Music
Yep, I had to throw in one more timeless classic in here. Can you blame me? This one just WORKS. 

Well, there you have it! Another list of songs from Broadway shows, perfect for auditions .

Find one that you'd like to try ? Great! Be sure and schedule some time with me so we can polish it!

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