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Five Outstanding Musical Theatre Audition Songs for Baritones

Did you know that the most common male voice type is a baritone?

That's right: statistically, most males have a more "mid-range" voice. It may SEEM like a tenor's world (ha!), especially in rock and musical theater....but the baritone voice is a versatile and fantastic one to have! 

Although there ARE great baritone roles/songs in Broadway musicals, the problem is that many of them are for older gentlemen, especially if the show is "golden age", or more classic (think early 1960s and earlier). 

It can be frustrating, right? Especially when you have an audition coming up and it seems nothing fits your voice...or YOU! Sure, "The Impossible Dream" is an amazing, classic baritone song- but is it right for, say,  a twenty year old man to audition with? 

Well, after lots of research and trial and error, I have found some absolutely stellar musical theater pieces for baritones of all ages and types.  I hope you like my suggestions, and find one or two that you would like to learn and use at your next audition, concert, or vocal contest!

1) "Last One Picked" from Whoop Dee Doo!

Ohhhh I LOVE this one, and so do my young baritones! This one would indeed work for. a teen, OR an adult of any age. 
This is a hilarious song that can work for many different "types"- whether you see yourself as more slapstick-y, more dry, brainy, or confident. Give this one a listen, it will have your audience smiling and laughing with ya! Great song for ALL ages, teen through older adult! 

2) "How I Am" from Little Women

This is. a great up-tempo piece that can show off a singing actor's skills with articulation, as well as mastery of some quick, sweeping vocal lines for contrast! The mood: humorously neurotic! Age range it's best for: teen through thirties. 

3) "Stars" from Les Miserables

Yes, I have Les Miz on the list. Don't roll your eyes at me, I see you! Forget what SOME people say about overdone songs/shows. Yeah, we get tired of hearing the same things done again and again, but only if they're done poorly! When a rich, booming, authoritative voice nails "Stars"? Magic! 
This show has been popular for high schools lately, so yes, a teen baritone with a rich, full voice can indeed pull it off.
In the professional world, it works best for a man 30s-40s.
This is a full on ,super dramatic ballad meant to be sung by a "hero" type!

4) " You've Got Trouble" from The Music Man

This one made my list because you have to consider that manu of the baritones in the theatre world are ACTORS first, singers second. And that's ok! Some of the songs I have listed are for serious pipes (see above!) and some are meant for showmen! 

THIS is a patter song at its finest. What's a patter song, you ask? A song with rapid fire text- Gilbert and Sullivan were masters of such a piece, and this iconic song from an iconic musical is one of those, as well!   Make sure you rehearse this song sloooow;y at first to get the timing just so before you sing it a tempo.
And even more importantly? Stand tall and proud and confident with this one, and have a blast!

This piece can work for younger men through middle age.

5) "If Ever I Would Leave You" - from Camelot

I included one of my favorites....a golden age ballad.  Made famous by the inimitable Robert Goulet, this this a sweeping love song that works for a full, warm, booming baritone. The term we use is "legit": this wouldn't work if your sound is more pop. It would suit a more Josh Groban type , or Steven Pasquale.   If you have had more vocal training under your belt , this one may be a fit for you!

And come on now, Lerner and Loewe! Masters of the timeless, sweeping musical theatre song, am I right?

These are only five songs from TONS to choose from for baritone for musical theatre auditions, though. 

Are you looking for the perfect song for you and getting stuck? Or maybe, you HAVE one, it just needs some added polish? Well, I'd love to help you land the role of your dreams!

Schedule some time with me, and let's do this!

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