Apr 4 / Molly McLinden

7 Great Beatles Songs for Graduations

Who doesn't love the Beatles, am I right? I've been a fan of them for as long as I can remember. My mom was a pre-teen when they first hit the scene, so she introduced me to their music and had told me all about Beatlemania!

The Beatles, being the icons that they are, really do have a song you can use for any occasion- weddings, birthday parties.....and yes, there are Beatles songs you can sing that would be PERFECT for a graduation ceremony!

If you're looking for a solo by the Beatles that would work for a graduation ceremony (or a group song, whatever works!), I've got ya!

Here are seven Beatles songs that you want to look at for a graduation!

In My Life- this song was also made popular when Judy Collins slowed it down and made it more ballad-y. No matter what tempo or arrangement you choose, it's a lovely song!

Yesterday- it's the most covered song in the world (well, at least it was at one point!). Why not cover it...at a graduation ceremony? You can find a zillion covers of this classic to get inspired. 

Here Comes the Sun- a very positive and uplifting song, so why wouldn't it work for a graduation? Not to mention it's pretty simple!

The Long and Winding Road- one of my favorites, I always love when a student wants to be coached on this wonderful ballad.
It would fit most voices, even in the original key.

With a Little Help From My Friends- another up-tempo, from Sgt. Pepper's! Joe Cocker also did a great version (anyone remember the TV show Wonder Years???)

Across the Universe- be sure to check out the Rufus Wainwright cover of this one,too! This would also be great with acoustic guitar, if you play it...or if a friend does!

Free as a Bird- I remember when this one was released in the 90s after sitting "in the vaults" for many years! It's another really chill, lovely ballad many voices can pull off.

So, there ya go! What do you think, Beatles fans? Are you nodding your head thinking you found one or two that may work for your upcoming graduation ceremony? PERFECT!

BUT, if you are still feeling stuck about songs...or.....if you DID see one you liked but don't know how to sing it, that's why I am here to help you out.

I offer customizable voice lessons and I do teach via Zoom, so let's do this!!

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