Jan 18 / Molly McLinden

How to Master Broadway Singing From Home With Online Vocal Lessons!

Are you an aspiring Broadway star dreaming of gracing the illustrious theaters of the Great White Way? Despite the current challenges, you can still pursue your passion and improve your skills from the comfort of your own home. Enter the world of online voice lessons: a way to master the Broadway stage right from your living room, bedroom, office- wherever you're comfortable!

With the power of technology and the guidance of seasoned vocal coaches such as myself, aspiring performers can now access top-notch training without the need for in-person classes (but if you prefer those, I offer those as well, if you're interested in voice training in the Chicago area)

Whether you're honing your belting skills a la Ethel Merman or Idina Menzel , perfecting your vocal technique, or mastering complex Broadway repertoire, online voice lessons offer a tailored approach that fits YOUR schedule and individual needs.

Imagine receiving personalized feedback and tips ,learning  fun AND functional vocal exercises, and even working on acting monologues all without leaving your home.  It's possible, and I've been offering this a while now. I see the results with my own eyes ! Students that have trained with me online via Zoom have gotten into top programs and landed lead roles everywhere. 

Online voice lessons bring the expert knowledge of the theater world directly to you, anywhere in the world, providing an immersive experience that empowers YOU to unlock your full  potential. Be the musical theater star you were meant to be!  Step into the spotlight and let your Broadway dreams come to life, one virtual session at a time.

So, what will you need for these online coachings to be a success?

A strong internet connection first and foremost! 

You also need a place where you can get to work and FOCUS on your craft! You'll want to have your online voice lessons where pets, family members, etc. can't distract you. After all,  sometimes when you're working with me , you will online have so much time to prepare for an musical theatre audition, a callback, or making a self-tape that will get you noticed!

It's also DEFINITELY recommended that you download an app such as Appcompanist or PianoTrax, so you have professional quality backing tracks for the musical theatre repertoire that you're working on. Yes, YouTube does have SOME tracks that are high quality, it's true- but Appcompanist and PianoTrax are more professional and allow you to customize, so do keep that in mind . After all, you want to have every advantage you can in a field that's highly competitive!

If you are working on acting monologues or sides, be sure to share those via .pdf with me as well. As you probably know, file sharing is super easy to do via Dropbox, Google Drive, emailing or AirDrop, etc....and it eliminates shuffling around papers or lugging books, right? Yet another advantage to taking your Broadway training online!

Don't have any monologues? I suggest finding a few used books on Thriftbooks for your age range !

See? Pretty simple. All you need is serious musical theater nerd passion, dedication, a space where you can sing and act out and internet connection you can rely on.  Save serious time and get on your way to owning the stage....from home.

Ready to get started?  I'm here for ya. Always! Check out my online courses and monthly group classes, or get individual help now! 

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