Ideas for the Changing Adolescent Male Voice!

The adolescent years are difficult no matter what. There is a lot of pressure to be accepted by your peers, and it seems these young people are always riding a roller coaster of emotions!
As if it weren’t already challenging enough to select vocal repertoire- sometimes we have a young male with a changing voice in our studio- boys between the ages of twelve to fifteen. One must be very careful with these young men as we’re often dealing with a sensitive ego and VOICE!   
Many young male singers have been conditioned to believe the head voice (where they have sung as an unchanged treble voice) is no longer acceptable as it’s perceived as feminine. 
The solution that many vocal professionals have found is to simply start using only a small part of their emerging range, which is part of their chest voice. It is typically suggested that teachers vocalize and select repertoire in this smaller range to avoid embarrassment (yep, your typical cracks and squeaks expected from this age!) and vocal strain. The range suggested is about an octave.
Here are a few ideas as far as selecting vocal repertoire for the changing male voice.
Reach for a classic. A good example is the standard “ What a Wonderful World”. The vocal range is very small and can easily be transposed up for down. This song has been sung successfully by singers of ALL ages and skill levels, and is a good piece to know for a variety of reasons .
If rock is more his thing, Beatles songs are also a good idea. The vast Lennon/McCartney catalogue has options for everyone. Although some songs are very range-y (such as “Yesterday”), faster songs with a driving beat (“Drive My Car,” All My Loving”, and “ I Saw Her Standing There” are a few solid choices) are fun pieces with a smaller vocal range. These songs should be ideal for the changing male voice as both John and Paul were tenors, the higher male voice. But don’t forget Ringo! 
His “talkier” style will still allow a young rocker with a changing voice to have a blast singing while growing in confidence. “With a Little Help From my Friends” and “ Octupus’ Garden” are great - young kids love these songs as well.
If your singer is a musical theatre type, look at the show “13”. This quirky musical by Jason Robert Brown is just wonderful as it pokes fun at the awkwardness that comes with this trying time in life! In fact this was the first Broadway show to use all teenagers. My students adore this hilarious show! 
Standout solos in the show include “Becoming a Man” .

In short, there is NO reason an adolescent male should stop singing during this time . Quite the opposite! Our voices evolve...ALL of ours....but there is always something we can work on, and something that "fits" us in any stage in life!

Book a lesson today, and see for yourself!

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