Aug 3

Must Have Resources for Classical Singers

Although classical singing is not as popular as other genres these days, it is still an absolutely beautiful art form . I may not sing it anymore, but I will always treasure the years I studied it seriously. It gave me a WONDERFUL understanding of solid vocal technique!

I only teach a small percentage of classical singers, teeny tiny in fact, and in speaking with my colleagues this is pretty common. HOWEVER! 

Technology has made it easier than ever to be a student of classical voice, or just someone who "dabbles" and may want to dip their toes in the water to see what this vocal style is all about.  Whether you have aspirations of becoming the next Maria Callas, or if you simply want to tackle "Caro mio ben", here are some resources you'll definitely want to check out!

Your Accompanist is soooo wonderful! If there is an accompaniment for an aria or art song you need- it's here. The quality is just outstanding. You simply look up the aria or song you need, and purchase the download ..and voila! You have an mp3 that you can easily play for practice from your iPhone or any other device. 

Are you looking for the sheet music to an aria, but you need it from the REAL score? You can get that from, and not worry about it being edited or in a weird key....not to menton for a very good price per aria. Have fun browsing!

The best database for classical singers is without a doubt Clsssical Singer Magazine's website, Wow, where to even start? Here, you'll find audition and competition listings, articles, and even a FREE collection of video master classes (my favorite part!) . They also have a convention every year- if you have a chance, do go to it! You'll get the chance to network and attend some amazing master classes live. 

Classical singing can be intimidating to a lot of singers. Don't let it ! I can walk you through the basics, and show you how to start off and find success.  Let's schedule something and get started! 

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