Nov 29

13 Killer Songs for Contraltos

If you are a woman with a super looooow voice, you're rare! You're a contralto. 

However, you're in good company with divas such as Annie Lennox, Sade, and Cher, to name a few.

Finding a contralto song can be challenging, since most female voices tend to be mezzo-sopranos. Not to worry! I have come up with a list of some amazing contralto solos that you can use for karaoke, talent shows, and more.

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves- Cher

Ah, Cher. No one sounds like Cher. She's an ICONIC contralto!
Why not go back to the 70s and delight the crowd with this banger?

Give Me One Reason- Tracy Chapman

Hard not to love this blues-y jam by a TRUE contralto. 

Smooth Operator-Sade effortlessly chic and cool... and contralto.

Walking on Broken Glass- Annie Lennox

I love her because she's Scottish. And because she's a Scottish contralto like no other!

Automatic- The Pointer Sisters

Ruth Pointer could sing in the freakin' BASEMENT. Can you?
If so, this song may be perfect for you, super contralto!

Somebody's Knockin'- Terri Gibbs

A lot of you may not know this one. Look it up ASAP. It's a fantastic country crossover song. 

Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

Yeah yeah I know. Lots of lame covers of this one. But it's amazing when sung by a rockin' you.

All I Really Wanna Do- Cher

I don't know of a Cher song that goes lower than this Byrds cover. Cher's first solo hit! And maybe yours,too?

Sweet Love- Anita Baker

Ooooh, Anita. Her voice is like velvet! You contraltos have SUCH a unique, rare sound...we mezzos would love to be able to nail a song like this one!

Sweetest Taboo- Sade

Yup, more Sade.  Really, any of her songs would work for you.

Why- Annie Lennox

Love a good ballad? So do I. Especially when sung by a soulful contralto!

Giving You The Best That I've Got- Anita Baker

Are you a little jazzy, a little R&B? This one is yours!

The Way of Love- Cher

Another Cher song some of you *may not* know, but personally it's one of my favorite "early Cher" songs. Suuuuper big and dramatic heartfelt ballad. 

What do you think? Did you find a contralto song that you wanna try for voice lessons, an audition, or karaoke night? Hope so! 

Still stuck? Schedule a lesson with me and we'll figure this out!

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