Apr 22 / Molly McLinden

13 Country Songs for Low Voiced Women

Do you love country music?It seems these days, EVERYONE does, and my singers are certainly no exception!
Why, even Beyonce is getting in on it...yeehaw!

Whether you're completely new to country music or if you're a long time fan, I'm convinced that there's a song that's just perfect for ya, whether you want to use it for karaoke, a gig, or just for fun!

If you are a woman with a lower voice, I have a great list of thirteen country songs you're gonna love! Don't forget that I LOVE teaching every style under the sun, and that definitely incudes country vocals. If you'd like help with your song, schedule something right here!

Thirteen Songs for Low Voiced Female Country Singers

Crazy -Patsy Cline

What? It's a classic. Don't give me that look. Yeah, it's been done poorly many times, but what hasn't?  With the right pipes, this song is marvelous! 

Somebody's Knockin'- Terri Gibbs

This is actually one of my favorites. It's just so fun and REALLY shows off the lower range. If you don't know this one, give it a listen!

18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses- Kathy Mattea
Anything by Kathy is fantastic for a low voiced country diva, really, but just look at this title......what could be more country, amirite?

He Thinks He'll Keep Her- Mary Chapin Carpenter
Wow, I love the 90s for country music, it was really something.
So many divas with amazing vocal and songwriting talent. You'll love this one.  

She's in Love With the Boy- Trisha Yearwood
Trisha! LOVE her voice (and her country recipes too,ha!)
This is an up-tempo number you're sure to love, especially if your strength is more mid voice to low, just like Trisha!

Leavin' On Your Mind-Patsy Cline

Ahhh, a total honky-tonk tearjerker. No one can pull that off quite like Patsy...

455 Rocket- Kathy Mattea
Up tempo and sure to make you smile, as well as anyone who is listening to you sing this country toe-tapper!

I'm That Kind of Girl- Patty Loveless
Do you have the sass for this one? It's so, so great!

I Feel Lucky- Mary Chapin Carpenter
Another upbeat and just all all around fun song. It's just...well..so country. Check it out. 

I'd Have Loved You Anyway- Trisha Yearwood
Tearjerker alert. But you know country is good for tears , too.
This one is no exception.

I Try to Think About Elvis- Patty Loveless
Patty just brings the fun to country music. The title alone tells you this is a great song!

Better Things to Do- Terri Clark

It's twangy and has some country 'tude. Aaaand....as you may have guessed, perfect for a lower voiced country diva.

She's Got You- Patsy Cline
I had to include just one more from one of my favorite voices ever.  If you're old school at heart, this one is for you.

There you have it! 13 fabulous country solos for lower voiced women. I hope you love them all and have a hard time deciding which one you wanna sing first! 
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