Mar 7 / Molly McLinden

7 Crowd Pleasing Country Songs for Sopranos

If you're a higher voiced female singer, meaning you're a soprano, it's NOT always easy to sing songs that suit you in popular music!  It seems that commercial music- country, jazz, pop, Broadway, R&B, set up for belters!

Although there may be fewer country songs for your lovely soprano voice, there ARE still great songs out there you'd do an amazing job with!

Alright, my soprano country divas, are you ready? Here are 7 amazing songs for you for use in a talent show, audition, gig, or karaoke night!

Paper Roses- Marie Osmond
Marie is one fantastic soprano! Pop, Broadway...and of course, found tons of success with this wonderful country song. Such a classic melody! You younger gals can breathe some new life into it!

Please Mister Please- Olivia Newton-John

Yup, a song from another versatile diva, ONJ! Who knew "Sandy" could be some country and twang-y? Well, she was! This song is great, no belting required, sopranos.

Silver Threads and Golden Needles- Linda Ronstadt
By now, if you've read other blog entries of mine, you've come to the conclusion that I really love Linda. I do! What.A.VOICE.
She started making a name for herself earlier in her career And this is just one of those songs you may want to give a go, sopranos!

Dumb Blonde- Dolly Parton
Dolly. What else is there to say? Legend. Icon. International treasure. Queen of country.  I put this one on the list because Dolly is most CERTAINLY a soprano, and this song is SASSY!

In My Dreams- Emmylou Harris
Emmylou, country-rock goddess, was also featured singing with the two amazing ladies above in the 80s album "Trio"! It's a great song many of you may not know....yet!

It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels- Kitty Wells
Here's where it all started, ladies. Miss Kitty Wells. Country queen AND ....we're darn tootin' in saying she's a soprano! 
This song is ICONIC!

I Do- Jewel
Jewel! Isn't she great? Classic example of a pure, sweet, yet versatile soprano voice. This one is more modern than the other songs on the list, it's a little more country-pop. But a great song, all the same!

Like this list? I hope you found a song or two that you think you want to sing.

Aaaaand...if you want help, I am SO here for ya!
Book a lesson with me now and we're gonna have a blast polishing your song! 

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