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Disney Songs for Soprano

If you're auditioning for musical theatre these days, you need a WIDE range of repertoire, from golden age classics to rock songs. Disney has a massive presence on Broadway, and has for the past thirty years when Beauty and the Beast first became a huge draw!  Since then, multiple shows have been added and have been a large part of the repertoire for professional, community, and educational theatre.

What does that mean for YOU? Well, ya gotta have a Disney song in your book! Your "book", by the way, is your binder filled with your audition repertoire that you take to voice lessons and auditions.

This blog post is for SOPRANOS , or higher female voices that don't really belt, who need a Disney song for auditions.  All of these songs can be found at or at Hal Leonard if you want the hard copies.

One final and important note before we get to the list. Unless  the casting call specifically asks for you to sing from the show you are auditioning for, don't do it! Choose a song from another Disney show instead.  If you're dead set on being considered for a specific role, you can easily find a character similar in nature from another Disney show! 

Oh yeah! Another note! When we say "Disney" , in THEATRE, that also includes any cartoon-y kind of show, so that would also include shows like Spongebob, Shrek, and Anastasia,

Here are four songs my soprano students have had some amazing results with.

"The World Above"- from The Little Mermaid, Broadway version.

A-ha! You thought I was going to say "Part of Your World", didn't you? That's a fine song, too, but why not do something they haven't heard a gazillion times?  This one is short, sweet, shows off head voice- and is perfect for an ingenue . Mid-tempo.
Ariel also has another funny piece in the Broadway version called " Beyond My Wildest Dreams" if you want to check that out, too! 

"Home" - from Beauty and the Beast, Broadway version

This song is gorgeous! It will also allow you to show off your acting chops, as the mood changes from angry to sad to hopeful....depending on which audition cut you choose! 
This one is definitely a ballad, in case you want to show off your more dramatic side.

"Journey to the Past" from Anastasia (Movie and Broadway)

This is an up-tempo number that has NEVER failed to get results for my singers! Beautiful vocal lines in the bridge show off your head voice, and it's a great acting piece showing off hope and excitement!

"These Palace Walls" from Aladdin (Broadway)

Love this one! This is another up-tempo piece . The mood? Sassy, spirited and strong! So glad Jasmine was given a solo in the Broadway version. 

Hopefully one of these songs get you excited to audition, or sing in a talent show or any other solo performance.  Remember that the perfect fit is a song that show what your voice can do as what you can do as far as tell the story!

If you want to go over any of these songs or have me help you find others, what are you waiting for? I'd love to help you.
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