Jazz Songs For Male Singers

For beginner vocal students (or ANY vocal student, for that matter!) nothing beats a jazz standard! Why, even the rocker guys I work with agree that mastering a classic has done absolute wonders for their voice. Jazz songs are great for singers for so many reasons: phrasing, musicianship, improvisation, strengthening your middle range…sold yet? Then why not consider one of these fifteen great jazz songs for male singers? There is a huge variety here: you’re bound to find a few that you’ll love to sing! 

So, fire up YouTube and be inspired to find some amazing repertoire .

“Fly Me to the Moon” - what a fun one! You can swing the rhythm a la Frank Sinatra, or sing it “straight”. That’s why jazz is so great- you’ve got choices! 

“Hello, Dolly!”- while I don’t suggest you try and emulate Satchmo’s signature scratchy sound, this song is swinging ! Fun fact: it became a #1 hit that booted the Beatles off the charts in 1964!

“Embraceable You”- a beautiful Gershwin standard! It’s sweet , slower, and sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Nat King Cole sang it in his classic, smooth style. But again, remember to make it your own, it's jazz! 

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?”- Another more up-tempo song that is witty and out for sheer fun! This is one of the songs performed by the legendary Dean Martin . Although it’s often performed with a big band, don’t let the big sound fool you: this is always a treat sung with just a piano.

“Misty”- numerous singers have made this heartfelt ballad their own- and can you blame them? It’s easy to improvise to, and the lyrics are just lovely. Johnny Mathis is the one who made this song a huge hit. 

“All of Me”- Mr. Sinatra showed us how you can make choices in jazz. In this song, he swings the rhythm, although you also have the choice of singing it slower and more ballad like Either way, this is always a solid choice! 

“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”- we love this song because of the clever and memorable lyrics. Cole Porter was a master of that! Harry Connick Junior gives this classic song his cool flair, so check it out! 

“A Foggy Day in London Town”- the Gershwins did such an amazing job of painting a picture of a place with their music. Michael Buble’s version of this classic is wonderful!

“I Won’t Dance”- this sassy song by Jerome Kern is sometimes sung as a duet, but it’s also sung as a solo jazz piece. Legends such as Sinatra and Tony Bennett are among the many who have sung it, as well as movie star Fred Astaire.

“It Had to Be You”- does anyone have a jazzier tone than living legend Tony Bennett? Just listen to how simply but effectively he delivers this uplifting classic!

“All the Way”- this standard has one grand, sweeping melody. A perfect tune to show off emotions as well as how well you can build a phrase:

“Stardust”- this one was made for intimate jazz club settings! It’s especially beautiful with nothing more than simple piano accompaniment.

“The Girl From Ipanema”- like many of the songs listed, there have been countless versions of this. This was even a Top 40 hit in the 1960s! Many have given this a Latin feel, but Nat King Cole gave it a slightly more traditional sound: 

“When Sunny Gets Blue”- smooth…cool…yet emotional at the same time. Ah, that’s why we love vocal jazz! Mel Torme, the “Velvet Fog” himself, sings this so beautifully with impeccable phrasing and diction. 

“New York State of Mind”- Billy Joel was no doubt inspired from great songs of the past when he wrote and recorded this favorite in the 1970s! Many of the greats have put their own stamp on his salute to the Big Apple- and wouldn’t this be a great number to either open or close with? 

So there you have it! Fifteen fantastic jazzy standards that are perfect for male voices of all ages .
Of course, the best way to determine the perfect songs for you is by working with your voice teacher. He or she can easily help you find what is best for your vocal range and musical abilities. 
If you don’t already have one, schedule something with me today!

Happy singing!

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