Why You Should Do Karaoke Night!

Karaoke night! Some people make this a weekly ritual . Some do it for fun, and some take it very seriously.. and even compete in karaoke contests ! No matter how you view karaoke singing, did you know that it’s a wonderful way to practice performing- especially if you’re a beginner singer? Here are some ways to use karaoke night as a way to make you a super confident singer.
First, pick the best song for your voice. Let’s say you just love the Beatles. That doesn’t mean you can SING it in the original key without straining! John and Paul had very high singing voices, and most males are baritones. Ask yourself this: when I sing along to my favorite songs, who am I most comfortable singing with? Taylor? Dolly? Use this as your guide for picking your song. Oh, and since karaoke is about fun- why not choose a “crowd pleaser?” It’s always a better idea to choose something more up-tempo as it’s less likely for nerves to show. 
Here are some other things to keep in mind about how to have a successful karaoke night:
- Look confident! Start with a smile and with your feet planted shoulder width apart. Make no apologies for being on that stage!
- Pick a song you really know so you’re not always having to look at the lyrics on the screen. Don’t forget you have an audience that wants you to sing to them! 
- Use good vocal technique. Breathe low, and keep your sound placed in your mask rather than shout into the microphone.  
- you can practice at home now! YouTube has many excellent channels like karafun or Sing King Karaoke where you can bring up the karaoke for FREE! What solid preparation before you take it to the stage. 
- Remember it’s about fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you pick a song you love, it will show in your performance. That’s when you can expect the compliments to pour in! 
Karaoke nights are excellent practice for singers. Think of it this way: you’re not being judged as would be at an audition or vocal competition. You can try out new material here before you take it to the “big time”! It also goes without saying that it all becomes easier the more you do it. Karaoke night is a great way to get over stage fright if you attend regularly- you’ll always have an audience, and they are usually very supportive and encouraging.

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