Nov 7 / Molly McLinden

25 Karaoke Songs for BAD Singers!

.Half the fun of singing karaoke is the HEART of it, not necessarily having major vocal prowess! We can't all be Whitney or Freddie. 

But what about those of you that own it, and say:  "I'm a bad singer. So what ? I'm still gonna do karaoke!"

If that sounds like you , you've come to the right place. "Bad" singers need their options for karaoke night, too! If you're looking to just have fun and entertain , rather than impress, here are 25 songs for you to consider!

AND! If you feel like you DO want to improve (on one of these songs, or others!), I am here for you, always! Schedule a lesson with me, and let's see what we can do!

1) I Love Rock n' Roll- Joan Jett 
You don't need a voice for this one . Just serious attitude!

2) I've Been Everywhere-Johnny Cash
This fun song is more of a talk-y list with very limited vocal range. Doesn't mean it's not great...'cause it is!

3) Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
You don't need impressive vocal chops to sing anything by Britney. Just have fun!

4) Material Girl- See above. Madonna really can't sing at ALL, but she never let that stop her! All ambition- no vocal chops whatsoever! 

5) Friends in Low Places- Garth Brooks
Everyone will sing along with you with this one anyway, so they can drown out any questionable sounds! But this song is easy anyway!

6) Mambo Number Five- Lou Bega
All you need is a smile for this goofy earworm-y song! 

7)How Bizarre- OMC
Does he even really sing in this one? Nope. Perfect! 

8) Convoy- 
Another talk-y song . It's soooo 70s cheesy,too. That's why it's a fantastic choice! 

9) Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash
Hey, I love the Man in Black as much as anyone but his songs don't require a fantastic voice. This song will ALWAYS be cool, like all of his songs. 

10) All My Exes Live in Texas- George Strait
Not much of a range in this one, either. Again, it's just about the fun , and in this case, country swagger. 

11) Cherry Bomb-The Runaways
Rock is interesting. You either have to soar with the vocals, or have more of a yell or talk-y style. This falls into the latter camp.

12) Jack and Diane- John Cougar Mellencamp
He's an icon for sure, but his songs aren't anything out of your reach. It's another fairly talk-y song, and hey..everyone loves it! 

13) Chantilly Lace- The Big Bopper
The oldest one on this list, and in my humble opinion, still one of the most fun top 40 songs of all time! It's easy to "cheat" your way through rockabilly, but you DO need massive personality for this one for it to work. 

14) Raspberry Beret- Prince
Everyone knows how much I adore Prince. Talk about a massive body of work, and it's all quite eclectic. This early 80s hit is one of his simpler ones for sure.

15) I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred
I remember when this song was a hit...oh, the early 90s was a hilarious time! This song reflects that era . No real singing required in this one either.

16) Nasty- Janet Jackson
See a theme here? Most of these songs are just fun and have verrrry limited vocal range. Just like this one. There's also time for you to break it down and dance a la Miss Jackson, if that's your stronger suit.  Ha!

17) Gimme Three Steps- Lynyrd Skynyrd
This one just screams "karaoke night " to me. You don't need to be skilled to make this one work at all.

18) Somebody's Watching Me- Rockwell
This one is mostly spoken, with a chorus that is sung (originally by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson!). Don't let the name "Michael Jackson" intimidate you for that chorus- it's all the more enjoyable if you're just going for it , even if ya miss!

19) Vogue- Madonna
Yep, Madonna is on the list again, because anyone can sing her songs. You'll probably sound better than her, the bar is not too high.

20) Don't Be Cruel- Elvis Presley
I'm a massive Elvis fan. Everyone knows that. I also believe Elvis had incredible vocal ability. However, that wasn't really shown in this super simple, early hit of his...the range is very small. Doesn't mean it ain't a great one!

21) Crazy- Britney Spears
Britney's back! As mentioned before, any of her songs would work but it's karaoke night, we're talking about her especially iconic songs and fun ones. This one fits the bill.

22) The Pina Colada Song (Escape)- Rupert Holmes
Bad singers, you can totally fake your way through this one and no one will care, 'cause everyone knows this cheesy classic and loves it, even if they won't admit it!

23) I Love the Nightlife- Alicia Bridges
The 70s are a GOLDMINE for great karaoke songs, aren't they?
All you have to do is own this one like the disco diva (or divO) that you are.

24) Stray Cat Strut- The Stray Cats
Keeping with the theme of just plain fun, why don't you have a look at this early 80s hit?

25)Just a Gigolo- David Lee Roth
Diamond Dave was a showman, NOT a vocalist. Be the showman. 

Find one that you think works for you? AMAZING!
Not sure yet?  Why don't we get together and figure it out? 

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