Dec 8 / Molly McLinden

15 More of the Best Karaoke Songs for Baritones

 Guess what? I've got something really exciting to share with you! So, statistically speaking, the most common voice type is none other than the amazing baaaaaaritone voice: the medium to low male voice. 
And you know what that means? It's time for me to share 15 MORE of the absolute best karaoke songs that are perfect for baritones like you- whether you're a rocker, a country guy,  soulful, or a crooner.

Are you ready? I know I am! Let's dive right in and have some serious fun with these incredible tunes! And, if you didn't find one you liked just yet? No worries! We can find one together. Book a lesson with me now

If You Could Read My Mind- Gordon Lightfoot

Are you more understated and chill? This timeless and heartfelt song by a beloved Canadian troubadour is for you.

Sway- Dean Martin (or Michael Buble!)
Feeling Sassy? Try this one out. But do be careful- a massive mob of ladies may be after ya when you are done with the song. You've been warned!

Secret Agent Man- Johnny Rivers
I wish *I* were a baritone, because if this isn't the best song ever, what is????

Burning Love- Elvis Presley
This song brings the theatrics. If you can't sell this one 200%, don't attempt this. You don't need a caped jumpsuit to make it work, though...but it can sure help!

Heard It In a Love Song- Marshall Tucker Band
For the twangier gentlemen! Yeehaw! 

Lady- Kenny Rogers
Yes, it's completely, completely cheesy. And that's precisely why you should consider this one.

Lean On Me- Bill Withers
Another effortlessly cool one,  the crowd knows and loves this one...always!

Summer Wind- Frank Sinatra
Fraaaaaank. Is he the king of the popular music baritones? Or maybe it'll be YOU if you nail this one.....

Beautiful Day- Michael Buble
For a higher baritone that likes up-tempo songs. And why wouldn't you?

Cowboy Rides Away- George Strait

Ah, George. A voice like buttah, this is a classic country ballad if there ever was one. 

Light My Fire-The Doors
How do you look in leather pants? And can you hold that intense Lizard King stare?  There's a pretty long organ solo in this one , though....what're you gonna do here? Please behave- Jim didn't.

Georgia on My Mind- Ray Charles
Promise me you won't try and imitate Ray! There's only one! Just sing it with YOUR signature style, it'll be easier!

Rebel, Rebel- David Bowie
A classic banger! Bring it on! 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered- Stevie Wonder
For the baritones with vocal chops and an easy upper register!

Like a Stone- Audioslave
Chris Cornell was a POWERHOUSE rocker baritone. Is that you,too? Then go for it. 

What do you think? See a song that looks interesting and that you can't wait to waaaaail (or croon, depending!).
Excellent! Well, you know what to do. Get together with me in a private lesson so we can polish this song . Your adoring public awaits you.

Happy karaoke-ing!  HAVE FUN! 

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