How Often Should You Take Voice Lessons?

When singers first sign up for voice lessons with me OR when they are thinking about signing up, one of the big questions is:

" How often should I see you for lessons?"

And  just so you know, this question is asked by my online vocal students and in person students alike!

I have TWO questions for them to help them determine voice lesson frequency.

1) How quickly do you want to make progress with your singing voice?

2) Are you willing to practice voice diligently between lessons?

You will want to see me for regular voice lessons if you want to get good, and get good quicker! What does regular mean? I realize not everyone can afford weekly lessons as far as financially or time wise, but every other week can still work beautifully! I have seen MANY students make progress with bot schedules, either weekly or bi-weekly. 

Having said that, don't expect to make major progress if you see me once a month for a singing lessons, or even less frequently.

Good vocal habits are developed through muscle memory, and the guidance of another set of eyes and ears, especially if you are new! If you are off singing on your own and don't see me for a while, old unhealthy habits can creep back in very easily.

You will ALSO need to do your part, and practice between lessons! Can't do that every day? That's fine. Unless your goal is the Metropolitan Opera or the concert or Broadway stage, you don't have to do that . But you DO need a dedicated time set for several days of the week to work on your voice.

In short, you will get more out of it if you see me regularly in addition to practicing on your own regularly. Singing is no different than any physical activity that way! If you go to more dance classes or baseball'll get better. Same with voice lessons!

I am also aware that not every singer that comes to see me cares as much about getting really good, and takes singing lessons because it's fun for them. That's great,too! Those singers can see me whenever the mood strikes 'em.

Bottom line? Voice lessons with ME are customizable. As long as you're happy, I'm happy!

Ready to get this show on the road? Schedule something with me today!

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