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19 Karaoke Songs for Mezzo-Sopranos!

Sometimes it's hard to decide what song to choose for karaoke night. As versatile as some of us may be, our voices can't handle everything! You're more likely to be confident and feel GREAT during and after your performance if you choose the right song. 

This one is for the mezzo-sopranos, or ladies with medium voices (a vocal range of around A3-G5) . We also happen to be a fairly common voice type- but we're a diverse bunch! With that in mind, I included several different styles in this list. I've included country songs for mezzos, pop tunes from several eras, and rock, of course! 

Without further ado: 19 amazing songs for mezzo sopranos for karaoke night! Hope you find the perfect suggestion for your voice on this list.  If you found one you like, OR if you still need some help, I LOVE to help with this sort of thing!
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Blue Bayou- Linda Ronstandt

Is there a better pop/rock mezzo than Linda? I don't think so! Talk about versatility- she's definitely one of my favorites of all time. 
If you've got serious chops, wow 'em with this heartfelt classic, first made popular by Roy Orbison.  Any of Linda's songs are great choices, really! 

You're So Vain- Carly Simon

This melodic classic is not too difficult vocally, give it a shot! This song will be cool no matter if you're young or a more "seasoned" ....ahem....mezzo like me...HA !

Our Song- Taylor Swift

I just couldn't leave you out, Swifties. Turns out, your queen is a mezzo-soprano. Told ya we're a diverse group. This early Taylor song is cute, peppy, and a little more country. Plus,  it's just plain fun! 

Dream Lover- Mariah Carey
Yeah, don't let the whistle tone vocal improvisations in Ms. Carey's bangers fool you: she's a mezzo, through and through! Don't worry about matching her when you sell this one ('cause let's face it: who CAN?) . Do it your way, and if your voice has to go lower on the vocal improv, that's more than ok! 

Queen Bey is mezzo too, it's true! This song packs a punch with some diva attitude and a few big notes here and there. Don't be surprised if everyone starts singing along! 

Saving All My Love for You-Whitney Houston
Are you a more skilled vocalist with some training under your belt? Whitney is for you. This 80s ballad still sounds great when nailed by the right modern day diva. Is that...you? 

Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin
Rocker mezzos! This one is big and bold, so be sure YOU have the personality and rocker attitude if you pick this one! Hey, it's the perfect fit for some of us, right? Be sure to give it your own flair here,too, as Janis had a VERY unique sound! 

Downtown- Petula Clark
English diva Petula Clark was THE pop songstress of the 1960s.  With her lovely tone and memorable melodies like this instantly recognizable classic, it's easy to see why everyone loved her! This is a fairly easy one that everyone will know and love. Timeless!

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?- Dionne Warwick
Speaking of timeless- a Burt Bacharach song made famous by another 60s icon! Bacharach tunes are just HAPPY.....you'll feel great singing this one! Did you know Ms. Warwick is Whitney Houston's cousin? Amazing voices run in the family! 

Evergreen- Barbra Streisand
Who hasn't channeled their inner Babs at one point or another? I know I sure have. I always wished I sounded like her (again, who hasn't?). There's only one Barbra, though, so what will YOU bring to this classic ballad?

Get Happy- Judy Garland
...And who inspired Babs and countless divas after her? JUDY! This is the most old-school of all the songs on the list, it takes the right kind of singer to pull this one off. Great for older ladies: grand dames with cabaret dreams! 

What's Love Got to Do With It?- Tina Turner
The quintessential shower song, right? If you've got the rock goddess confidence, this one is yours...ya better sell it. Amazing legs not required (thankfully).

Son of a Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield
Her smoky voice...her effortless cool....Dusty had a sound like no other. A karaoke classic that YOU can make your own, so get it! 

Love Song- Sara Bareilles
Talk about an amazing mezzo voice and killer songwriting skills. In my opinion, this is the most fun Sara song to belt out! 

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis
Leona's songs definitely have more of that Whitney-esque, old school diva flair. Do you have the chops? Then bring this one out! This is another one people can't help but sing along to when the chorus rolls around!

What About Love?- Heart
Ann Wilson is my FAVORITE rock singer ever...and she also happens to be a mezzo-soprano! This is a biiiig song though, you've been warned. But if you can nail it? Expect the crowd to go CRAZY! 

Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion

Celine's songs are big, THAT goes without saying.
However, this softer ballad is a bit more accessible to more singers, and still recognizable and well-loved!

Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

Can you bring the country sass? This song is just too fun. It's MEANT for karaoke night, isn't it? 

Stand Back- Stevie Nicks 

Another classic biiiig 80s number that, without a doubt, YOU will love to sing, and they will love to hear!
Just imagine like you're in the music video! Will Stevie ever NOT be cool???

So there you have it! 19 super fun karaoke songs for mezzo-sopranos. I hope you saw a few suggestions you're ready to try next time!

If you need help with your selection or ANY other song you're working on...you know who to reach out to! 

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