Don't Make THIS Mistake at Musical Theater Auditions!

You could have THE perfect song picked out.

What's more, you could naaaaaail that song!

Let's say you've even having an excellent hair day on top of that, and you have on an uh-amazing outfit, too.


If you neglect to do THIS, you just may not get a callback!

What do I mean? It's simple. Your audition for musical theater begins long before you open your mouth to sing.

The director and artistic staff are looking for people that are not only talented, but easy to work with , you see.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard from people that were in charge of casting they they reaaaally wanted to choose someone, but they BLEW IT because of their bad 'tude!

Don't be that person!

When you arrive at your musical theater audition, be sure to smile and be gracious to EVERYONE you encounter: fellow actors, administration, artistic staff- everyone. THANK your accompanist (many forget to!) and treat them like a human! 

What you reflect with your body language can tell them a lot (well, you know this! You're a singing actor!). Walk in and out of the room confidently. Even walking a certain way can convey someone may be timid or overly confident, even if that's not your intent.

Remember, you only get so much time at your audition, so make the most of it in every way!

Don't get huffy if you have to wait. Be cool, calm, and collected.

If your accompanist messes up, don't blame them or draw attention to it. Keep going. If it's THAT bad, the people "behind the table" will have you both start over. Let them make that call.

Greet everyone upon entering the room, and smile and thank everyone for their time at the end (and yes, remember to thank your accompanist for playing for you- had to get that in there one more time!)


But! If you feel you need more help, book with me!

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