No One Casting/Hiring You? Hire YOURSELF, Singers!

You need to be tough to be a performer, whether it's a rocker, actor, musical theater performer, comedian...the list goes on!

It's probably not news to you that it's fiercely competitive out there. There are lots of talented people out there, and you are one of many. You have to really fight for some opportunities! For example, usually only one person gets a certain role in a musical, and there's only one lead singer that's going to get the gig in a band.


Those are performing opportunities created by others

There's an old saying in the business world: "if no one hires you, hire yourself", which means to fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and start a business of your own. In this day and age, it has never been easier to do, especially with so much being driven by the internet.

So, how does that apply to you, a singer or any other kind of performer?


Listen, if you want to be a performer it's never been easier to be one. Although you may not be cast as Elphaba in Wicked, you can still get some friends together, and do a Broadway fundraiser cabaret. If you spend some time calling and emailing, no doubt you can find a cafe/library/school/place of worship likely to donate their space!

Seniors are also always SO grateful to have people of all ages come and entertain them! One of my adult students regularly goes to an assisted living facility, where she sings old jazz standards, and it simply thrills them. What a gift to give back, especially to a segment of the population that is lonely!

If you're young, you probably follow LOTS of self-made artists on YouTube. Why can't that be you? A lot of my younger singers who love to write and sing and play say they dream of doing such a thing....what is holding you back?

 Gone are the days of spending hours recording demos in studios , and then snail mailing your materials to record labels. Artists don't even have to knock on as many physical doors anymore. You can record, perform, and do your marketing from home and still get an audience in 2o23!

I hope you found this post helpful and encouraging. Here's to you hiring yourself and making it happen! 

If you need help building your voice and your confidence, I am here for you. 

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