Online Singing Lessons Success Stories!

If you read my last post on why online voice lessons are great but still may be a but worries! I've got more!

I figured it may be a good idea to go into more detail about what some of my online students were able to accomplish, simply by studying with me over Zoom.

Let's start with some of the great roles my young musical theater students have landed!

1) One young performer landed: Ariel in Little Mermaid, Elsa in Frozen, Matilda in Matilda, Cinderella in Into the Woods....all from online coaching.

2) Another young performer landed Matilda in Matilda, Lady of the Lake in Spamalot, and was a finalist in the Hal Leonard Vocal Competition ...also all from online coaching! 

3) Two siblings I coach are very active in a large Christian theater group, where they land multiple supporting roles consistently, as well as a leading role! Yes, all from working together online.

Other accomplishments from my online singers:

4) Four students received "excellent" ratings in their state's musical competitions for young singers, where they enter through their respective school. The states where they competed were New York, Texas (two!), and New Jersey.

5) Several students from all over have prepared for their local talent show with me all through Zoom so they could deliver a knockout performance!

6) By working with singers/ actors online, we were able to help them reach their goal of getting into top theater and music  programs! Those programs include Millikin University, Berklee College of Music, and NYU 

And what about the adult students I work with online? They are always up to amazing things,too!

7) Zoom singers have prepped for their open mics!

8) Online actors have prepped for submitting auditions to Hollywood casting directors

9) Online speaking voice students have coached for major business presentations

10) One online vocal student studied with me to do a surprise musical marriage proposal to his girlfriend! Awww!

11) I helped one adult student prepare for America's Got Talent, and another prepare an audition for The Voice

12) I also have assisted multiple budding recording artists warmup before their studio time!

SO MUCH has happened because of online vocal training, in my studio alone!

I hope that after reading these success stories that you feel very encouraged. If you're new to online voice lessons, I make the whole process fuss-free and very painless...and even fun!

I hope to be seeing you online for some singing (or acting!) very soon! Book here if you want to take the plunge! 


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