Why I Love Teaching Online Voice Lessons!

Online voice lessons. You may have heard about them before the shutdowns of 2020, or maybe you started some sort of online learning around that time for school or personal development. But you haven't tried singing online (yet!) and still have questions- like "does it REALLY work?" 

Me, I was teaching singing lessons on Zoom and FaceTime way before that happened! In fact, the first online voice lesson I taught was on (gulp!) Skype! Glad I don't use THAT anymore!

I can't tell you how many times Skype dropped in the middle of a student singing, or me explaining something key. Looking back, I can see why online voice lessons were a hard sell at first! 
Thank goodness that technology and internet speeds continue to improve and allow for us to make the lesson experience a lot better!

The number one question I STILL get to this day is: which is better? In person voice lessons, or online lessons via Zoom (or FaceTime, if that's what you prefer!)...?

The answer is.......

It depends on YOU! There are lots of people that prefer online lessons over in person, and here are some reasons why:

1)They are introverted, and feel more comfortable in their OWN space.

2) They are pressed for time. It's easier to hit the "join" button than it is to get in your car, drive, and then come back! 

3) Their technology is at their disposal. They don't necessarily need to deal with lots of sheet music, and can bring up song lyrics from Google or a .pdf from musicnotes.com
It's also easy for them to bring up the necessary backing tracks . Their setup can be customized just the way they like it!

4) If they are sick but well enough to sing, they don't have to worry about getting me sick, too! They can still have their lesson! Yay! The same works for me. Maybe I am sick myself, or say I'm getting some work done in my condo. I could still sign on to zoom, and make a lesson work without a problem!

5) It's easy to record the lesson- the video AND audio- with Zoom! I can email them after their voice lesson with the link. What an easy way to measure your progress!

6) I can meet their pets! (I have quite a few vocal students whose cats are known to "lesson bomb"- it's hilarious!)

7) Distance doesn't matter. Some of my students don't have a voice teacher anywhere near them in their town. They don't have to worry about a long drive ! Several of my voice students that take online lessons with me are from other states, and I've even taught singers in countries like Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, and Ireland!

8) They're allergic to my cats (sad face).

Those are some pretty good reasons to prefer online singing lessons, no? Oh, and by the way- I also teach online acting and speaking voice lessons, so all of the above applies to both of those as well! 

As a teacher, I personally love online lessons because it gives me the chance to connect with singers from all walks of life ALL OVER! I am not just limited to the people in my area. This to me is a MASSIVE draw...it just makes my job much, much more interesting and fun! 

As for those that still prefer the "old school", in person lesson? Hey, I love those ,too! These are great for those that may need more guidance and just learn better with someone right there physically with them.  And my cat likes it when they show up here, too (well, one of them does, anyway!)

With in person voice lessons, I can also hand you some of my "props" . If you're a theater student, I also have a large library of sheet music we can use. I think half my salary used to go to Hal Leonard at one point...

Truth be told, some students have a VERY strong preference when it comes to Zoom voice lessons vs. in person lessons with me. And that's more than ok!

So , is one really BETTER than the other? Perhaps for YOU it is. But, in all honesty, both get serious results. 

I have had online vocal students land roles, win contests, and get into amazing college programs. Every bit as much as my in person students, in fact.

I have had online singers gain confidence , open up their ranges, and improve intonation. Just like in person vocal students.

Bottom line? You may have to try out an online voice lesson for YOURSELF to be the judge!

I do have a special for new students, so the time to try is NOW!

No need to wonder anymore....let's show ya you can do this!

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