WHEN You Make Your Vocal Resolution Doesn't Matter!

January first. The time when many say they will resolve to lose weight, go back to school, get better about money, etc....

But what about singers, or wanna be singers? (actors, this post applies to you,too!)

If singing is part of your life, naturally, you think you have to make a specific goal NOW that it's a new year. AGH! You don't know music theory yet! Your belt is weak! You have been meaning to join a band, but you didn't get around to it yet .You feel you should make some sort of singing resolution.

Let me be clear: singing resolutions are FANTASTIC. When a student comes to me and gives me a special goal , I'm all for it. I can give you several examples! One student wants to audition for The Voice, and she's making it happen! Another wants to be able to be more confident with sight-singing. 

But, you know what? These goals, or resolutions, can be made ANY time. When you are ready.

Don't feel that you have to make some sort of specific action plan with your voice or performing career, based on the calendar. 

You will know when you are ready.

And when you're ready? I'm here for you!!!

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