Am I Too Old To Start Singing?

A lot of parents wonder if their child is "too young" to start vocal training....

But! What about adults who have LIVED their lives, but always wanted to learn how to sing..and never got around to it?

The reasons why may resonate with you. They had to go to school to learn something else...something more reliable.They had to work. They raised families. They took care of others. Life!

Let me assure you right now: there is NO age limit for singing. None! And that includes vocal training with an instructor, whether it's in a group voice class, or an in person or online lesson (remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" here. Only what is "right" for you! You may want to try a few options out to see what works best for your learning style). 

Let's be real: you're probably not going to front a band that sells out arenas or land a major Broadway role (stranger things have happened, though). But that is NOT why you are doing this!

Remember what singing is at the root of all of it: it is joyful . It's community. It's personal. It's therapy. It's NOT about the ego. You don't need to look a certain way or have a certain sound to just...SING! 

If you're fortunate to have a voice, use it! Use all of it! Explore with a vocal instructor just how many wonderful and interesting sounds you can make. 

Sure, your sound you have now , whether you're in your sixties seventies... or beyond.... is very different than the voice you had as a younger adult. Everything else on you has changed, too. But so what? Roll with it! You're still here and you're still awesome, let's do this! 

My singers have found that they have another part of their range become a lot stronger than it was in their youth. Ladies especially notice much more ease in the lower (chest) register. 
Time for those sultry jazz standards- they LOVE being able to do these now! 

Please don't despair about what you think was "lost". 
It's all about being in the moment and enjoying the feel of it all. Singing has been proven to be a mood booster, as well as healthy for the mind and body overall. When you sing, endorphins are being released, and you're oxygenating yourself very effectively. 

Aren't those all enough reasons to ANY age?

I personally love to work with seniors, for every reason imaginable. If you're a senior that likes to sing and wants to do more, let's schedule something! 

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