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15 Gorgeous Golden Age Broadway Solos for Sopranos

Although many, many of the shows being produced these days are Disney shows, jukebox musicals, or "movicals" (modern musicals based on a popular movie, like "Mean Girls" or "Pretty Woman"), many companies and schools DO choose to do a classic once in a while.

Therefore, an actor's gotta be prepared !

What does that mean? Well, you need some "golden age" songs in your repertoire, at least one or two. "Golden Age" typically means 1940s-early 1960s musicals. 

There were TONS of amazing Broadway musicals being written back then, and many of those shows are still beloved!
You will often seeing such shows being revived on Broadway,too. Many times, in fact!

As you may know, it's crucial to have a well-rounded repertoire in your audition book, so you're always prepared. 
Maybe you have the modern stuff covered, but need an old-fashioned solo to round it all out.

Well, you've come to the right place. This one's for the sopranos out there making the audition rounds! 

Here are 15 timeless Broadway solos for soprano voices. 

If I Loved You- Carousel

Rodgers and Hammerstein sure knew how to write a sweeping ballad.  It's absolutely gorgeous with its soaring vocal lines!

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood- Camelot
This one is an up-tempo comedy number. What an AMAZING acting piece this is! I've had several sopranos use this one. 

Hello, Young Lovers- The King and I

This one was always one of my favorites to sing! It is not super high, so legit voiced mezzo-sopranos will find this piece extremely comfortable as well.

Mira- Carnival
The role of Lili was actually composed for an opera singer, a high soprano.  She has BEAUTIFUL music in this criminally underrated musical!

Many a New Day- Oklahoma!

Laurey is a great role to play! She is sweet but a little fiesty, and Oklahoma! will always remain an American classic

Ribbons Down My Back- Hello, Dolly!
This is a very pretty and simple song. Sometimes, that is all you need- never feel like you need to show off. They want to see who is confident and can tell a story! 

Show Me- My Fair Lady
This is the fastest song Eliza sings in the show, and it's a fiery one! And yes, another great acting piece ! I know everyone tends to do " I Could Have Danced All Night", and yes that is a great one too...but have a look at this one!

My White Knight- The Music Man

I won't lie, this is a tougher piece that sits up there! But it's a great way to show off your vocal chops and acting ability EQUALLY! 

Climb Every Mountain- The Sound of Music

This one is for sopranos that...aren't in their twenties anymore. Ha! See, not every soprano song is sung by an ingenue. If you're an elegant older soprano, this is your song!

I'll Show Him- Plain and Fancy

This one is GREAT! Another FUN up-tempo number I am sure you'll love. The show is not that well known (look up the plot, you'll see why) but! This song is terrific!

Much More- The Fantasticks
Another up-tempo piece, this one is for younger sopranos that don't mind bringing out a little bit of their zany but cute side.

Will He Like Me?- She Loves Me
Nope.Nope. NOT putting "Vanilla Ice Cream" on this list.
In fact I like all of Amalia's solos more than that one....so that's why THIS one is on the list! 

Waiting for my Dearie- Brigadoon
This show is so wonderful! Yes, super old-fashioned and you'll hear it in this song....but this song is perfect for the right, younger soprano!

A Lovely Night- Cinderella

This is such a cheerful, high energy piece ! I'll always love this show!

Mister Snow- Carousel

There are three fantastic soprano roles in Carousel, and Carrie is the spitfire! Are you tired of hearing me say "it's a great acting piece" yet??? Well, sorry- but this one is! 

Well, there you have it, my lovely sopranos!

It's actually more difficult to be a soprano in today's environment- apparently every musical theater composer thinks all women are belters! 
As you can see, there is a wealth of beautiful solos for your type of voice if you go back in time.

Did you know that most of the singers I coach sing Broadway? It's true! And I'd love to help you with YOUR audition material, so why don't you set up a time to meet with me?

Happy singing!

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