May 16 / Molly McLinden

23 Great Songs for Talent Shows!

So! You've decided to do a talent show....! That's an exciting decision to make for a singer, whether you're new at this or a seasoned performer.

Talent shows can happen for a variety of reasons. They're often held at schools of all kinds, churches and temples, community centers , or for fundraisers. Whatever the reason, you need a SONG....and it needs to be a good one!

I tell my singers that for a talent show, you need a crowd pleaser. That means you'll need a talent show song that is entertaining and not too obscure and doesn't drag on forever. 

I've got you covered in this blog post! Here are 23 songs that work beautifully for talent shows . Many are tried and true from my own singers. Whatever you end up choosing, remember to have fun! Aaaand..if you need additional help, I am here for you, so book a lesson today! 

1 ) Never Enough- The Greatest Showman
Ya gotta have chops for this one. If you do? It's a guaranteed showstopper!

2) Hero- Mariah Carey
I know, Mariah can be intimidating. Believe it or not this is one of her LESS intimidating, but classic, songs...and it's still impressive when done well!

3) You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
Josh songs are GREAT for talent shows, don't you love Josh???
All ages connect with this piece.

4) The Greatest Love of All- Whitney Houston
Yup, Whitney is also considered "advanced" as far as pop songs go. But this is one of her more accessible pieces, AND you are supposed to make it your own, anyway! 

5)It's a Beautiful Day- Michael Buble
This is just a happy, up-tempo song that will get everyone smiling, for sure!

6) Skyfall- Adele
Who doesn't love a good Bond theme, am I right? Adele had a GREAT one. A lot of people do her other songs, but why not try this one and see if it works for you?

7) New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
One of the Chairman of the Board's most well-known tunes, people will have to stop themselves from singing along!

8) At Last- Etta James
This romantic classic is absolutely timeless. I have had singers of ALL ages fall in love with this one!

9) The Climb- Miley Cyrus
Early Miley ! And it's a sweet, inspirational ballad that will work especially well for elementary or middle school performers.

10) Here, There , and Everywhere-The Beatles
This wonderful and often covered ballad by the Fab Four will always be a favorite.

11) Beautiful- Christina Aguilera
This is another inspirational ballad that's been popular with strong female soloists, and for good reason! People love this one!

12) Listen- Beyonce
Power ballads. What can I say? They're always a solid choice for a talent show solo . Beyonce killed this one in "Dreamgirls"! And so can you!

13) Music of the Night- Phantom of the Opera
Yes, this can work for both men and women. It's big, it's dramatic, it's Broadway!

14) Can You Feel the Love Tonight?- Elton John
Everyone adores this sweet song from the Lion King , written and performed by Sir Elton! Maybe it's right for you, too?

15) Ain't No Mountain High Enough- Diana Ross
The Miss Ross version is perfect, perfect , perfect for a diva wanting to me memorable at a talent show!

16) Dream a Little Dream of Me- Cass Elliott 
I remember when my sister did this song at a talent show!
Talk about a classic from one of the great, great voices!

17) Count on Me- Bruno Mars
This simple and happy tune is a song I know for a fact all ages love. It can work for pretty much anyone!

18) Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis
Another total diva ballad! Only fitting that one of her songs be on this list, as she won a MAJOR talent show (X Factor!)

19) Lost Boy-Ruth B
I've had a few singers perform this one...quite a few! Works for all ages, but young singers really love it. It sits low in the original key but of course you can change that. If you can accompany yourself on piano on this- even better!  

20) Speechless- Aladdin (live action version)
Another big diva number? You bet it is. And it's fantastic!

21) It's Now or Never- Elvis
Now, did you really think I'd have a list like this *without* including something by The King? He's got so many great ones as you may know, but this one remains my #1. It shows off some chops, guys!

22) Coat of Many Colors- Dolly Parton
One of Queen Dolly's best story songs, in my humble opinion. Great with acoustic guitar.

23) Almost Over You- Sheena Easton
Ok, one last big ol' power ballad. This one is from the 80s and held up very well. Looove this one. Maybe you will,too.

There you have it, singers! 23 great songs for talent shows out of the zillions out there. This is just one list to get you brainstorming, and I truly hope you found it helpful!

But, if you need additional help, you know who to reach out to. ME! Book a lesson today and I can help you with talent shows, auditions, gigs, you name it. I just want you to love singing.

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