May 10 / Molly McLinden

9 Taylor Swift Songs for Sopranos

Taylor Swift has been one of THE top artists in my vocal studio....well, for almost as long as I've been teaching, really! 

As Taylor's songwriting evolves, I've noticed the same is happening with her voice .  A lot of her newer songs tend to sit a LOT lower than previous songs from earlier in her career. In fact it seems that every album of hers tends to get progressively lower and lower....! 

This means a lot of singers are having a difficult time singing Taylor's songs in their original keys, especially soprano voices!

Well, this blog post has ya covered . Here are 9 Taylor Swift songs that will work beautifully for sopranos. Be sure to book a lesson with me so we can work on the song you choose! Don't worry if you're a complete beginner, I LOVE beginners. Anyhoo, here are the 9 songs Taylor wrote that would work for ya if your voice is NOT super low !

We are Never Getting Back Together

Ear worm alert! Plus it's up tempo, so yeah. As far as I'm concerned, that's a bonus.

You Belong With Me

This song is catchy for sure, AND accessible to higher voices. I've had some younger, higher voices do a fantastic job with this one, whether just working on it or performing it!

Back to December

This pretty and melodic ballad will feel comfortable , even in its original key, for sopranos.

Shake it Off

Who doesn't love this one? Quite possibly Taylor's catchiest and most well-known, right? Well, it just so happens this song will also work for higher super super hard low notes here!!!!

Blank Space

This is one of my favorites, aaaaand it just so happens it works for sopranos. I've had quite a few sing this one !

Our Song

One of her earlier ones! But again, lots of younger and higher voices alike that I have coached have nailed this one.

Another one of my favorites, what say you?


A little bit country sounding, a little bit pop sounding. But a whole lot of fun, and also great for higher voices that love singing Taylor's songs!

Wildest Dreams
Guess what, sopranos? There is actually some head voice goodness in this, So it's perfect for you!

How did I do, Swiftie nation? Nine Taylor Swift songs for you sopranos....or......anyone that just doesn't feel like singing super low ('cause as I already mentioned, some of her newer stuff is waaaay low!).

Remember, you don't always have to do Taylor's songs in the original keys. There are resources to help with that, like and , to name two resources my students and I love and use often.

Also remember that though there may always be "Taylor's version", there is also YOUR version, so don't be afraid to let your own unique voice and style shine through in both practice and performance!

If you need any help doing just that, you know I am here for you. Schedule a lesson now and we'll have a lot of fun with the song of your choice!

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