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21 of The Best Pop Songs for Tenors

Whether you're a professional tenor who has a regular gig (like at a club, cruise ship, etc) OR if you're just starting out and need a killer solo for a talent show or special event...look no further!
These songs can also work for karaoke night, if they've got 'em! 

These days, lots of musical theater auditions call for pop songs ,too...not showtunes...but actual pop songs. This list can help with that,too! Just be mindful when you're reading the casting call about if the song needs to be from a certain era , or if it has to be up tempo or a ballad.

Here are 21 fantastic pop solos for tenors . I've includes all different eras.  Hope you find one you love...or a few!  If you want help polishing your songs or want more help picking songs that suit you, contact me! 

1) Yesterday- The Beatles

Okay okay: it's one of the most covered pop songs of all time.
But it's a simple melody that is why not? I mean, The Beatles. Enough said!

2) When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars

I'll admit, I am a massive Bruno fan. Me and everyone else, I know!  Dude's got swagger and serious pipes! You can bring YOURS to this heartfelt ballad.

3) My Eyes Adored You- Frankie Valli

Ooooh...Frankie Valli.  This Jersey Boy has an iconic tenor voice! I know, big shoes to fill- but if you can pull it off, do it...this is quite the ballad! 

4) I Second that Emotion- Smokey Robinson

Smokey had SO many great songs, but it was time to put an up-tempo song on the list, so here's a fantastic one! This one will definitely definitely get everyone smiling, and you as well!

5) That Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- Gene Pitney

Gene was a TENOR and you could tell right away- what a voice!An criminally underrated one at that (check him out in case you're unfamiliar).  I love this movie song! Although this song is fun, it does sit up there, so it is challenging.

6) Honesty- Billy Joel

Ooh, a 70s hit that still sounds amazing today! It has some MOMENTS, so I hope you can deliver if you choose this great song!

7) Longer- Dan Fogelberg

Fun fact: Michael Jackson said this was one of his favorite songs. And who's gonna argue with The King of Pop? Talk about a gorgeous and timeless melody. Another fun fact: Dan was my dad's neighbor when he was a teenager in Peoria, Illinois!

8) My Love-Paul McCartney & Wings

Although Dave Barry dissed this as "bad song" in his hilarious book,'s Sir Paul. He's got zillions of fans. This song has still stood the test of time, and it's right for the right occasion and venue, I say!

9) Cupid- Sam Cooke

Sam.Cooke. How can you NOT love this man's voice? He's got sooo many amazing songs, but "Cupid" is just sweet and happy!

10) Everybody Plays the Fool- Aaron Neville

Aaron Neville. He's been often imitated (what a unique sound, right?) but never duplicated! Yes, I'm aware his rendition was a cover but since he's a big time tenor, I mentioned HIS version in this list. It's a groooove!

11) Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran
Simple, melodic- can be covered by beginner tenors, too! Works well with just an acoustic guitar or piano,too. 

12) It Hurts to Be in Love- Gene Pitney
Yes, another Gene tune! He's soooo tenor-y, though. 
This one's a bit more up-tempo. Yes, it's super old-school, but if you're young just bring your modern swagger. Older gentleman? You remember the OG, so show 'em how it was done!

13) New York State of Mind-Billy Joel

Billy Joel at his ballad-y best! Even better if you can accompany yourself a la Piano Man at the keys on this one for extra coolness. 

14) Twistin' the Night Away- Sam Cooke
Another up tempo and fun song by Mr. Cooke, sure to put a smile on your face and everyone else's, too! 

15) Too Late for Goodbyes- Julian Lennon

It's super 80s, I know, but it's a serious jam. Look it up if you don't know this one, it's great! 

16) Locked Out of Heaven- Bruno Mars
Wouldn't this be the most fun ever at karaoke night? I say that because I'm not so sure it would be as fun "stripped down" or acoustic.  As the young kids say these days, "this song slaps"!

17) The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson

Do you really thing I could make this list without including MJ? No way! He's got so many great ones (obviously!) 

18) Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Frankie Valli
You probably figured out by now I'm a huge Frankie fan.
He still sounds amazing in his 80s! Show 'em YOU can be any age... with this classic tune, too! 

19) Daydream Believer- The Monkees
Isn't this just the catchiest AND happiest pop song ever written? Sure is! And you're in luck, tenors...'cause it's for you!
Can you charm like Davy Jones???

20) Footloose- Kenny Loggins
Kenny! So many great musical Kennys...Kenny Rogers...Kenny G.....but Kenny Loggins! He's the man, right? Everyone knows this one, it's silly and an earworm....and so much fun to sing for pop tenors!

21) Perfect- Ed Sheeran
Another simple ballad by Ed. Another great one for tenors to try out!  

Find one you like, maybe a few? Excellent! Now let's get to work! 

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