Jan 29

What's Vocal Fry and Why is it BAD for Speech?

Have you heard of the term "vocal fry"?

What the heck is it, anyway? Is it good ? Bad? 
How do you do it, and what does it sound like, anyway?

Vocal fry is a "creaky door" sound that is not necessarily unhealthy, but can be annoying and unclear when it comes to speech habits.

Some of those that speak this way, however, may find themselves getting tired after a long day of voice use....which can be problematic. 

Vocal fry DOES have its place in song, though- vocal fry is what allows a singer to make a HEALTHY version of a growl and a scream, for example (do not attempt either without consulting a vocal professional, however, if you do not know what you're doing!) But yeah- I do get asked all the time about screams, growls, distortion and the like.....short answer: you can do it and it can be healthy, if it's based on vocal fry. 

But! Back to vocal fry in modern speech. If you're wondering what it sounds, like, I assure you've heard it in countless reality stars and social media personalities. It's essentially speaking at a lower pitch, and it comes off as a bit lazy and unclear and tends to drop off at the ends of phrases so that people are saying "huh?" or "can you please repeat that?" when you speak. No good! 

This is especially problematic if you are a professional working adult, as your voice is a reflection of you, and naturally you want to be taken seriously and seen as a grown up! 

We are products of our environment, and oftentimes vocal fry (and other vocal habits!) are a result of us picking up on what we hear everyone else around us do. 

Vocal fry is very easy to acquire as a habit for that reason- but never fear- it's easy to get rid of as well! 

Essentially, we can banish vocal fry once and for all by using breath, balance, and awareness of WHERE a healthy sound is produced (the face and the gut, as I tell my speakers and singers and actors!). 

If you have a problem with vocal fry and want to get rid of it, YES it can absolutely be taken care of with some time and practice!
And I can help you!

If you want the main components of a healthy and clear speaking voice, be sure and take my Speaking Voice course  on your own time. It's part of my online school subscription, where you can also learn all sorts of other cool vocal stuff as well as get a monthly live class with me!

You can also sign up for an individual session with me, of course! 

Vocal fry doesn't have to be a thing. Let's get you sounding like the best version of yourself! 

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