Oct 17

Why I Don't Bother With Voice Teacher Reaction Videos on YouTube

I've been asked by LOTS of my vocal students:

"Why don't you do those 'voice teacher reacts' videos on YouTube?

You're never going to see one of those videos done by me!

Here are the main reasons why.

Number one, I don't want you taking on someone else's opinions. That includes mine. Because that is exactly what reaction videos ARE- whether they're about singing or anything else. 

When you are watching someone "react", and this goes for singing videos on YouTube specifically, you're seeing them treat it like an Olympic sport, where every move is analyzed and critiqued or praised . They're telling you what is "good", "bad", or anything in between.  They're not giving you the chance to be in the moment and to create your own reactions, based on sheer instinct.

They are taking away the artistic side of singing...because so many people like to make it so much more complicated than it really is (don't get me started!)

The best art, whether it's acting, singing, dance...or anything related, is created from authenticity and being in the moment, without letting outside influences telling YOU how to feel or how to react to it.

Let's say I decided to make one of those reaction videos, and I used ...say..Whitney Houston . What's the point of me telling you exactly what she's doing and what I think of it? Why does either matter?

Sure, some people really love the analytical aspects, and if you fall into that camp.....knock yourself out and keep watching those videos.  But I'm not about that. 

Whether you're experiencing someone else's voice or your very own, I'd rather you be fully present. Not analytical. And certainly not critical.

Who is to say what is "good" or "bad" singing, anyway? Isn't that all entirely subjective?

I'd rather you take control of your vocal study and watch videos of singers WITHOUT some so-called expert "reacting", so you can form your own questions, observations, preferences, inspirations, etc.

Soooo....that's the main reason why I don't do "voice teacher reacts" videos. They're just kinda stupid.

The SECOND reason why I don't think they're worth my time is because I feel they overcomplicate singing. Especially if you are just started out and you're a beginner vocal student!

If you're new to singing, chances are you are already intimidated and have a zillion thoughts, questions and doubts swirling around in your head. Do you really need MORE of that? Nope.

So, if you see a voice teacher "reacting" to what Freddie Mercury does and they analyze it to death, how should that make YOU feel? That's right- you're going to second guess yourself even more now. You'll start to wonder if you should even try, and wonder if you'll ever measure up!

None of this aligns with my teaching philosophy, which is to keep singing accessible and SIMPLE! 

If a singer is too much in their head, it's hard..verrrry hard..to make progress. You will always be stuck.

I'd rather we keep it simple in every way. It's easier to be YOU. It's easier to sing based on feeling and reaction rather than emulate what you heard on YouTube..or anywhere else.

Singing isn't about play by plays, like it's football. Some of the best singing is imperfect. But it's real.

In short, that's why I will never "react". I find such videos to be gimmicky, and detrimental.

Anyone can sing.  And guess what? You don't need anyone's approval. That includes mine. The only opinion that matters is yours.

Take control, and don't let others on YouTube tell you what to like or not like.

And that goes for food and clothes and other stuff too.

Be you, and sing happily.  

If you're about keeping it simple, join me? 

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