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17 Songs that Kids Love to Sing in Voice Lessons!

As a singing teacher that works with kids of all ages, let me tell ya- it can be TOUGH to find songs for children that are 1) appropriate and 2) songs that aren't gonna bore them to tears!

If you are a parent or a teacher who is wondering what your options are for solos, I've got you covered! I've included songs that I have actually had my own students sing . More importantly, they LOVED these songs and had great results with them, whether it was an audition for a Junior show or a talent show or a self-tape.

I was sure to include a variety that could work for general performances, musical auditions, and more. I also included songs that are girl specific, boy specific, and those that can be used for either gender!

1)  Count on Me- Bruno Mars 
Bruno Mars is cool to all ages! I've used this one with children as a solo, and also used it when teaching a group. It's an easy melody with a positive message.  

2) You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
Another uplifting song, this time a ballad.  It's simple enough while providing a range-y challenge, depending on the singer!

3) My Favorite Things- The Sound of Music
What is more "classic" than this American musical? It's absolutely timeless, and even today's young performer loves singing from this show! This particular solo also works at holiday time. Versatile!

4) What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
Another timeless tune that makes everyone smile , kids included! The range and melody are simple, and it's a song that will work ANYWHERE!

5) Maybe- from "Annie"
This was always my favorite solo from the musical "Annie". Yes, "Tomorrow" is great,too- but this one shows a more serious side,
The pluses to choosing this piece vs. "Tomorrow" is that it's less "belt-y", and more of a ballad.

6) I've Been Everywhere- Johnny Cash
How fun is this song? It's not only a blast, but if this doesn't get you working your articulation, what will?  Everyone ought to try out a song by "The Man in Black" at least once!

7) Consider Yourself -from "Oliver"
I remember this one being one of MY first favorite showtunes !
Although it is sung by the Artful Dodger in the show, it's still a song that would work for an outgoing boy or girl for theater auditions. 

8) Lost Boy- Ruth B
This is a gorgeous ballad! A lot of my young female singers adore this piece. Melodic and very singable. There's a chance to show off some low notes,too.

9) Go the Distance- from "Hercules"
Both boys and girls have used this heroic, inspiring piece for auditions and have done very well! 

10) Coat of Many Colors- Dolly Parton
Ah, Dolly. A national treasure that kids adore,too! This story song is a lovely one for any young singer to tell. The range is fairly easy, and works beautifully with acoustic guitar or piano.

11) A Million Dreams-from "The Greatest Showman"
Power ballads, what can I say? They're fun for all ages to sing, and kids are no exception! Works great as a solo piece, or as a group voice option,too!

12) Somewhere Out There- from "American Tail"
Another ballad that's kid-appropriate! It's especially good as a beginner piece for elementary age , especially.

13) Sing! - from "Sesame Street"
Just because it's from "Sesame Street" doesn't mean this is a "baby" song! No way! This has been covered by ALL ages, and The Carpenters even made it a hit!

14) Home from -"Wonderland"
Amazing short and sweet piece from a musical no one's heard of. Ideal for a girl up to middle school age.

15) It's Possible- from "Seussical"
"Seussical" is a GOLDMINE for kids' songs, for both boys and girls of all levels! It's just plain fun! I've had soooo many students play a variety of roles in this show, they've all loved it!

16) Take Me Home, Country Roads-John Denver
Young singers loooove this melody! Timeless....because..well...John Denver!

17) Let's Get Together- from "The Parent Trap"
This song is sooooo sixties and cornball it's true, but that could be the appeal! Earworm fun! Hey, it's important to enjoy yourself with what you sing, especially when you're young!

Hope you enjoyed this list, and that you and your young singer found a few that you wanna try real soon!

If you need more help, you know I'm always here

Happy Singing!

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