Gentle Vocals for Lazy Days!

  • Author: Molly McLinden "Vocal Molly"
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 30 minutes
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Course overview
Somedays, you need to sing (it may be for an audition, rehearsal, gig) , but you REALLY aren't feelin' it! This course is for those that want some guidance vocalizing, but DON'T want anything complicated!

Get some great vocalizing done in thirty minutes (or less, if you only want to do a video or two!)
  • Video time:  
  • Exams: N/A

What's included?

  • Six Videos
  • Customizable Exercises
  • Warmups ANYONE can do and benefit from!

No need to dread practice time!

In this short course, you can get some efficient singing done WITHOUT having to work hard at all!

Warmups For EVERY Level!

Although this short and simple course is IDEAL for beginner singers, intermediate and advanced can get something out of following along with these videos, too!

Molly McLinden, "Vocal Molly"

Singing, acting, and speaking voice instructor
Molly McLinden, "Vocal Molly", has been teaching voice and acting since 2002. She has a Bachelor of Music from Millikin University. She has studied CoreSinging with its founder, Dr. Meribeth Dayme, and loves bring the elements of FUN into everything she teaches! Other studies include Estill and the Neuro-Vocal Method. 
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